new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work? Pointless?

new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work..AND why !?!

Added today to the Forerunner 965/955 is the new LAP UNDO feature from Garmin. By its name you can guess what it might do but here are a few insights and some images so that you non-Forerunner 965/955 owners can drool over until it comes to your watch 😉

Garmin Lap Undo – Incredibly it UNDOES laps

That’s pretty much it. You press the lap button (bottom right) to add a manual lap but sometimes you do that by mistake. No worries. You have a few seconds to press the bottom left button to undo your grievous error. All is good.


Q: Can you undo 1km autolaps?

A: No. It would be nice if you could for when autolap triggers in a segment

Q: Can you undo lap-like actions in structured workouts where you’ve incorrectly advanced to the next workout step?

A: No

Q: Can you undo auto-transition or manual transitions?

A: Yes, surprisingly! Long pressing the lap button (or press the down button for manual transition undo)

Garmin Auto Activity Detect Transition for multisport profiles – how does it work?



This is possibly the greatest feature ever implemented by Garmin and will likely change the face of global running. Expect new world records to ensue and lots of PBs for you. It’s a game-changer.

Seriously though, it’s quite nice but I don’t think I’ll ever use it.

Garmin HRM-FIT – Opinion

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8 thoughts on “new Garmin LAP UNDO – how does it work? Pointless?

  1. I actually do think it will be very handy. I’ll be on a run an accidentally hit the lap button, and from then on, my laps don’t match my miles. Might as well just stop right there since my run is completely messed up now.

    But with all seriousness, the place it would have been really handy is with triathlon. I assume it works there. And I’m guessing that was the main motivator for this feature. You use the lap button to transition from swim to transition and transition to bike, etc. If you mess up during a race, it really does mess up all your data for the remainder of the activity. But I don’t do tri’s anymore so it won’t help me there.

  2. I occasionally will dive into some deep menu setting while on a run and then while attempting to back out, I’ll hit the lower right button too many times and inadvertently trigger a lap. I hate when that happens, so this is actually kinda nice.

    Related, I wish that awesome face-palm-back-to-main feature you noted in your 965 tips/tricks post a few days ago would work while in-activity, as it would solve this problem, but it doesn’t. 🙁

  3. Polar had already integrated the deletion of too many or incorrectly set laps in their PPT5 software (which is light years away from today 🙂 ) With the discontinuation of PPT5 and the introduction of Polar Flow, the lap feature was no longer available.

    I find it bizarre that Garmin now “succeeds” in integrating this very banal feature into the watch (not in the software). I have to laugh.
    Wow, the progress is incredible! 😀

    To the sports watch manufacturers: Guys, when will the future finally begin for you? I mean, the FUTURE? 2100? Or is that too optimistic?

  4. Want! I disable the lap button most of the time because I will do accidental laps and screw up my workout data. I have the lap button enabled only when I plan to be running a workout manually rather than a structured workout. I have a “run laps” activity for this specifically. And I still mess up a decent amount — especially late in the workout.

    This seems good to me.

  5. It’s a ‘correction’ they should have introduced a long time ago. Since watches have a button doing different things.
    And yes, it should have been implemented on software level. Which would make it available to all users. I guess this hardware version won’t be available to many generations…. (nothing about that btw)

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