Garmin to update Event/Race features in Training

Garmin to update Event/Race features in Training

Garmin is poised to introduce further tweaks to its existing features that are linked to race events.

In November last year, we saw Garmin link up with AHOTU to make more events/races available for you to automatically use in your training planning. Linking to these events means that you get: various notifications leading up to race day, like weather; your training plan is focussed on the date of the race; and you get the race day course file. You could also create events for groups of friends.


what Changes Are Coming?

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The changes are relatively small in scale.

For example, if the date of your main race changes for some reason, then the plan automatically adjusts where it can. Although the data of organised commercial races is unlikely to change, you may also have created an event yourself for friends. If you change the date of your event, there are various new ways that you and your friends can create or choose an alternate event.

Similarly changes to the event distance are also adjusted for your training plan and daily workout suggestions


Garmin Connect gets beefed up with AHOTU



new Garmin Event Designation – probably for Edge 540/840



Garmin Coach – new race distances and harder plans added




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