Garmin Fenix 7 gets CIQ 7 – Epix too – Big Connect IQ Boost for 2024

Garmin CIQ System 7Garmin Fenix 7 gets CIQ 7 – Epix/Pro Models too

Garmin Fenix 7 owners will be delighted that their Fish Forecasting widget is fixed and perhaps ecstatic that they get the latest, greatest CIQ System 7 version. Yet, at the same time, perhaps unsure what CIQ7 actually means. Here is more information, links and an explainer.

First up, who else gets it.

Q: Is it just the Fenix 7?

A: No, other models get the same 16 update (beta) namely these, and only these, Fenix 7 and 7 Pro, Fenix 7x and 7x Pro, Fenix 7s and 7s Pro, Epix and Epix Pro 42mm/47mm/51mm, Enduro 2, Quatix 7, and MARQ Gen 2.

Expect most, if not all, Garmin models from 2022 onwards to eventually get CIQ 7.

What is Connect IQ System 7 (CIQ7)?

A more detailed explanation is linked immediately below. In a few sentences, I would describe CIQ7 as the next generation of Garmin’s app store software that brings developers new capabilities. Historically it is announced late in the year at a developers’ conference and then added to watches starting the following year. Reading between the lines, the wholly new features that are added can give very important insights into wholly new features on Garmin’s next tranche of watches.

These are the headline features

  1. BLE Bonding
  2. Expanded screen control AMOLED/Always-On
  3. Cloud Services Communications improvements (LTE?)
  4. Significant Performance Improvements


Deep Dive: Decoding Garmin’s CIQ 7 Software – The Connect IQ Features That Will Power 2024 Watch Models

BLE Bonding describes a more permanent form of BLE pairing. This will likely improve the speed at which CIQ DFs can find previously used sensors. There will also be more scope for more secure connections (password) and, for example, this could also provide better GoPro control.

The improvements to Always-On/AMOLED displays could simply mean that we get true Always-On modes or it could signal a preparation for the next generation of power-saving screen tech…microLED.

Performance improvements are always welcomed and I know some CIQ DF developers are working at the very limits of existing capabilities. The new changes to CIQ will allow more features to be included in any given CIQ data field.

Finally, there are the “cloud service improvements”. The details on this are sketchy and could signal anything from CIQ control over WiFi all the way to an improved LTE architecture to support the next generation of key features in the next generation of Garmin watches.

new look Garmin Connect – Beta Program Details and first images

Automatic activity type detection within multisport activities.

The Fenix/Epix firmware bump also adds support for automatic activity type detection within multisport activities. Basically, this feature is for triathletes who will be able to automatically progress to the next transition/sport in any GPS-enabled multisport profile.

I’ve already tried it on the Forerunner 965 and it is “promising”. We will probably all end up eventually using it when it works properly (soon).

Garmin Auto Activity Detect Transition for multisport profiles – how does it work?

Flashlight and more

The existing running track abilities are expanded with the inclusion of the locations and geometries of 400m running tracks from all over the world. I’m guessing this is a third-party database that Apple and others also share.


I’ve got some more info on Jump Rope activities here for the 5 people who will be interested in it.

The Sleep Coach widget glance boosts the sleep coach facilities with speedier access via a sweet widget glance

Garmin Sleep Coach – An Explainer

Full List

Here is the full list of changes in v16.10. It seems pretty similar to very similar changes announced to Forerunners last week. However, the CIQ7 is new and the flashlight control is only on the Fenix-like watches. I don’t remember seeing the Male audio prompts either.

  • Added automatic activity type detection within multisport activities.
  • Added CIQ System 7.
  • Added Jump Rope activity.
  • Added quick flashlight control when using double-tap LIGHT to enable flashlight on models with flashlight
  • Added Sleep Coach widget glance.
  • Added support for Male audio prompts.
  • Added the lost phone during activity feature and turned it on by default. Added database of 400m running tracks all over the world.
  • Added the ability to double-tap the screen in golf green view to mark your current position as the hole location, if you are standing on the green.
  • Fixed bug where sleep mode would end too early overnight during Daylight Savings Time changes.
  • Fixed bug with “Footpod Connected” banner showing when paired to HRM strap.
  • Fixed issue where navigation could incorrectly also include a straight-line routing back to start
  • Fixed issue where the primary race widget would not show results of race completed earlier in the day.
  • Fixed issue where Spotify shuffle and repeat controls would not work.
  • Fixed issue with the error icon incorrectly drawing next to the smart notification widget glance.
  • Fixed issue with some widget glance folder views when in large font mode.
  • Fixed potential issues with temperature data fields on CIQ watch faces.
  • Fixed potential shutdown when listening to music during an activity.
  • Fixed potential shutdown with CIQ widget glances.
  • Fixed widget glance folder view for the Fish Forecast widget.
  • Improved incident detection not supported banner to only show once per power cycle of the device.
  • Improved Max Heart Rate prompt. Improved scaling on elevation charts to show more variation in elevation where it previously looked flat.
  • Improved weather to not show misleading information if it’s older than an hour.

Take Out

There are some nice incremental features here but nothing Earth-shattering on the face of it. The CIQ 7 change will initially manifest itself as an enabler for us to soon receive better, more capable Connect IQ features.

Visit the forum appropriate for your watch here. You won’t see v16 listed there as of 10 January 2024. However, if you go to the software update section of your watch’s menus you should be able to manually update to v16 as of now!



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      1. Yes. Some features are the same between fenix/epix and forerunner, but not all. And implemented in a different way, so they work slightly different and look different and have different bugs.

        The usual garmin software development chaos.

      2. Maybe because at the beginning of your article it’s indicate 18.10 (some mix & match about FR xx5 18.12 and F7/E2 16.10)


    1. I am thinking of transitioning from Instinct 2X solar to Epix Pro Gen 2. Is it worth buying or Garmin may release a new version of Epix or Fenix this year. Appreciate your feedback.

  1. Flashlight is available on, you wrote on article about that 🙂
    – F7X (standard series)
    – F7 Pro (all models)
    – Epix 2 Pro (all models)

    So the enhancement is for all these models.
    “Added quick flashlight control when using double-tap LIGHT to enable flashlight.”

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