Garmin EDGE GNSS Accuracy gets a boost with NavIC

Garmin GPS Accuracy gets a boost with NavIC

Garmin Edge x40 models (540, 840, 1040) have all just received a beta accuracy update to include NavIC support.

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NavIC enhances the accuracy and availability of signals in hilly terrain and urban canyons.

Garmin Edge 540 840 1040 support navic gps

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Garmin is expanding its satellite constellation support to include NavIC, the regional system designed for precise positioning over India. NavIC comprises 7 satellites that transmit signals on both the L5 and S bands, similar to other global and regional constellations.

Interestingly, Garmin has already supported NavIC on some handheld devices, so the functionality exists. The addition of dual-frequency tracking is a significant development that can improve accuracy, especially under tree cover or urban canyon environments.

It’s clear Garmin’s latest GPS chipsets, as seen in watches like the Epix Pro, are extremely capable when it comes to utilizing multiple satellite signals simultaneously. By taking advantage of SatIQ-driven intelligent satellite selection, they can seamlessly blend data from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and now NaViC to calculate the best possible location solution. Current gen chipsets across the board are all highly likely to already be hardware-capable of supporting NavIC, so this feature will probably spread to other Garmin devices.

With such a flexible, multi-constellation design, rolling out support for NaViC on additional form factors is likely straightforward from a technical perspective. The capability is already there thanks to recent advances. This opens up enhanced navigation for activities across India utilizing Garmin’s growing lineup of GPS sports devices.

Adding NaViC signals expands positioning accuracy for Garmin users within the coverage area. It reinforces the company’s commitment to utilizing the latest sa


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This news about NavIC support isn’t that exciting unless you live in India or plan to visit. There are some major mountains in the area, like Everest and K2 in Nepal. NavIC may offer more accurate navigation in those mountainous regions compared to other systems like Galileo, GLONASS, and GPS. However, its main benefit is probably just improved regional coverage over India rather than superior performance.

What interests me more is the growing importance of the Indian market. Unlike China, India doesn’t have many natural resources but its people are highly focused on developing the economy. As the middle class grows in size, so will demand for Garmin gear. India is transforming into an economic powerhouse through trade and manufacturing. Supporting NavIC signals Garmin’s commitment to the region as more consumers purchase sports watches and GPS devices. Overall the Indian market represents significant future opportunities for a company like Garmin.




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