Garmin Connect OPEN BETA Soon

Garmin Connect Open Beta Soon

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The latest Garmin Connect beta is invite-only at present. However, it looks like the new changes are going down well amongst the select few to get the invite so Garmin plans to share the love soon with an open beta. I don’t have any precise timescales but sometime in the next 4-6 weeks is my general understanding.

I only very recently received my beta update, so the invites are still being sent.

Changes to the Existing Closed Beta

The current closed beta is continually evolving and there have been various wording changes and minor cosmetic changes.

Q: What’s changing?

A: The homepage of  Garmin Connect

The essence of the planned changes to the homepage is unchanged, namely:

  • Area 1 (Top): IN FOCUS – swipeable, selectable, slightly larger tiles, change the order
  • Area 2 (Middle): AT A GLANCE – swipeable, selectable, smaller tiles, change the order
  • Area 3 (Bottom): EVENTS, TRAINING PLANS & CHALLENGES. Shown if you have activated the supporting feature

The images at the top show the new layout that’s currently only in the closed beta.


new Garmin Connect 2024 – Beta Program Details and MORE images


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15 thoughts on “Garmin Connect OPEN BETA Soon

  1. Wonder how many more readers
    * will not have any idea what this is about
    * wonder what’s the use of it
    * don’t understand why the attention/budget isn’t going to more important things
    and the like…..
    I’m using the software for 20 years or so, still have to produce certain reports in spreadsheets by hand to name just a thing….

  2. I don’t think it’s invite only. I got into the beta without anyone inviting me. I just found the option to opt into the beta there a few weeks ago and once I selected it the new interface showed up for me.

    1. My wife was invited by having the option show up in settings. I use Garmin Connect daily and was not invited.

      1. Same here with my daughter, who checks her app once or twice a week who got the invite last week. I need to spend some time on her account to see how it looks like.

  3. Just checked with my wife’s phone. She never ever opens Garmin Connect and guess what, when I’ve opened it she’s got pop-up invite to Beta. That’s just not fair XD

  4. I’m really disappointed by the new setup. It looks a bit better but it’s harder to use since you have to scroll in multiple directions and go into the glances screen to see anything

    1. Is it? I configured In Focus with 2 widgets: one I need very frequently, and one I need occasionally.
      Then I configured the maximum number of glances in the middle view by priority, and everything else behind the button.

      I am in the beta since day 1. I never had to dig into the additional glances as of today.

      Yes, the defaults, even with the wizard, are a hit an miss. But once configured, it is better. Plus there are new widgets/glances, so you don’t have to click to see certain details.

      I was also reticent at first, but it proved to be an efficient design change.

    2. I hate the new layout. Spent a out 10 minutes looking at it and switched back to the old layout. The “new” layout did not have the “Yesterday” section or the “Last 7 days” section… something I look at all the time. I don’t like having to scroll vertically and horizontally.

  5. Instead of just a design change it would be great of them to actually fix some stuff and add long requested features:

    1) Make the Activity List populate itself by pinning the users most actually used Activity Types. Currently you pinned a lot of activities regardless if the users has ever done any of them and therefore wasting space.

    2) Add a word filter to search for activities.

    3) Allow more overlays for the track graphs for example sup (no speed overlay), or basically allow it for any activity with a recorded track.

    4) Users should be able to select if they want a speed or pace graph (again SUP only supports pace, no speed on mobile app, both are available in the web interface)

    5) Do a different evaluation if an activity is recorded as an indoor variant (GPS off), currently you still try to evaluate speed, distance, moving time based on GPS that of course all shows 0 as GPS was not used, better: if GPS is off in the activity, give us other stats, instead of showing us all those empty GPS based data-fields, like heartrate, movement time based on intervals (active / pause), steps per interval

    6) Fix that the interval view in the mobile app shows the first one falsely as “pause” resulting in a double pause.

    7) Allow track trimming in the mobile app (don’t repeat that annoying bug the web interface has where it zooms out to show the whole track once you move the slider to adjust a little bit at the end, making it impossible to see what you are doing)

    8) Add some more cool instagramable templates to share activities with friends, those work as advertisement for Garmin too.

    Overall Web App:

    1) Allow default gear to be setup for every activity- and subtype. Maybe even allow photos of the gear. And more gear statistics, not everything is measured with GPS, sometimes usage time could be valuable (overall time, active time, pause time for example climbing shoes).

    2) Give us evaluation tools for strength training progress like:

  6. It appeared for me last night, don’t think I did anything special to trigger it. Bit too soon to comment on the new layout.

  7. Bonjour, j’aimerais savoir quel est le numéro de version de cette fameuse version bêta ? Merci.

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