Garmin Connect BETA – How to trick your way into an invite

Garmin Connect Beta Invite

The latest Garmin Connect beta is invite-only at present. However, there is a trick that might work for you to get the invite.

It seems that Garmin wants to get a balanced set of people acting as beta testers. Fair enough.

However, the company seems to lack female testers. So the trick is to go into Connect Mobile>Settings>User Settings>Gender and choose Female and then wait a ‘few days’.

Warning; This may well affect your VO2max and other physiological parameters.

Let us know below if this works (give it a couple of days)

Q: Will this really work?

A: Probably not. I suggested this to 2 other people and tried it myself. One of the others has since got an invite but I haven’t 🙁 I’m currently trying the ‘Not Specified’ gender

My BETA invite came a few days after originally posting this article

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12 thoughts on “Garmin Connect BETA – How to trick your way into an invite

  1. hey – nobody should do this. It not only skews the data but it’s really poor taste.

    Misrepresenting your gender to be a garmin beta tester is just very uncool.

    1. 🫠Not sure if you’re using being a “Garmin beta tester” as an allegory for some current incidents in the sports world or not.

      But either way, you’ve got a point.

  2. Note that if you keep Garmin Connect open all of the time on your phone, it may delay your invitation. I accidentally closed out Garmin Connect on my iPhone and when I restarted it, I received a beta invite. I suppose it could be coincidence, but I would guess that it isn’t checking that often to see if you are now on the list to be invited.

  3. “Gender” is an irrelevant/ambiguous data point anyhow; if they are looking to use that field as an indicator of health or fitness, then they actually mean “sex”.

  4. The irony of Dave saying misrepresenting your gender is very uncool, he probably supports men in women’s sports as well.

    There are only 2 genders, they are the same as when you were born. You cannot change it. Let’s all start acting like adults now, OK?

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