Garmin 755 LTE, 955 LTE, or 965 PRO LTE Inbound? which will we see? Thoughts on a new LTE model next week alongside the Forerunner 165

Garmin Forerunner 745Garmin 755 LTE Inbound?

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There is no intel around for a dual launch of Forerunners next week but several factors do point to it happening. There is a decent chance that February could be an interesting time for all things Forerunner. Here’s why.

Edit: Garmin FR165 is now confirmed as a single-product launch for Tue 20 Feb 2024. Garmin starts sponsoring the Transition area of PTO’s T100 Triathlon Race Series on 10 March, possibly setting the stage for a related triathlon watch launch on either Tuesday, March 5 or Tuesday, March 12 (again, speculation)

  1. Forerunner 165 – A Garmin Forerunner 165 is about to be announced and will be launched on Tue 20 February. The FR165 AMOLED is the new name for what otherwise would have been the FR65 and is the entry-level Forerunner, although the AMOLED screen will boost its price tag to a mid-range level ie about $300.
  2. It is unlikely that FR165 can justify the marketing expense to be launched alone. It’s possible, of course, but I would still make a small wager on a dual launch with ‘something else’
  3. Back on June 2nd 2021, the Forerunner 55 and Forerunner 945 LTE were jointly launched.
  4. Towards the end of 2023, Garmin announced its new CIQ 7 features. These features often indicate the capabilities planned for new watch models in the following year and beyond. CIQ7 included some mysteriously named cloud service improvements which I took to be related to LTE.
  5. Garmin Forerunner 965 currently lacks Elevate Gen 5 and was released a year ago, ditto the Forerunner 955 released 20 months ago. A new heart rate sensor BY ITSELF would not justify a next-gen name (ie 975)
  6. When the 945 LTE was released it gained the obvious LTE features but also the latest-gen OHR sensor (Elevate 4)
  7. In 2021 dcrainmaker interviewed Garmin staff and noted a likely future for further LTE development by the company. It’s been quiet for too long since then.
  8. The Forerunner 745 represents a small format and more affordable triathlon watch. The 955 and 965 are both larger format watches which are too big for many. However, Garmin’s Forerunner 265s may well represent the small-format triathlon watch in Garmin’s stable, albeit a lowly-featured one.


Here’s What We Will See

  • A small format, top-end triathlon watch.
    • Probably with AMOLED,
    • Definitely with ELEVATE 5 and
    • Perhaps with LTE.
  • The harder question is what on earth Garmin will call it! FR965s LTE AMOLED? FR955s LTE? FR755 LTE AMOLED?
  • Forerunner 965 PRO is a more likely name if we look at the naming applied to the Fenix range. But then that would imply 2 or 3 case size options ie 965s PRO AMOLED and 965 PRO AMOLED.

Take Out

Yes, I know it seems like the Forerunner 965 was only released yesterday.

Whatever is launched alongside the FR165 will hopefully give us a good insight into how, and if, Garmin proposes to take LTE forward. It requires separate commercial negotiations with carriers and support for Category M1 technology but that’s not quite as hard as the number of negotiations required to make Garmin PAY work globally and there will still probably be an inability to use Apple’s core voice and text messaging.

How to Guide: use Garmin PAY with most banks – here

After LTE, the next big tech bumps are microLED displays and optical/NIRS sensors that will start to detect many more things than HR/ECG/HRV/SpO2. Neither of these will happen in 2024 and perhaps not even in 2025. To remain exciting in 2024, Garmin almost HAS to do something with a proven technology like LTE despite its many technological limitations and limited commercial appeal. Failing that, where is the next super-software feature??? Hint: They must have all been pretty much invented.

Me? I’m happy with the Forerunner 965. It does the job.


Garmin Fenix 7 gets CIQ 7 – Epix too – Big Connect IQ Boost for 2024

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14 thoughts on “Garmin 755 LTE, 955 LTE, or 965 PRO LTE Inbound? which will we see? Thoughts on a new LTE model next week alongside the Forerunner 165

  1. Well no 165 or any watches on this Valentine’s Day, so I guess I better think quick for a new gift for my wife!! 🤣😉

  2. An entry level FR 65 with Amoled and a +300 $€ price tag? Exactly my kind of humour!

    Or Garmin paving the way for 1500 $€ FR975s and 700$€ FR275s.

    Unfortunately that all is way to plausible to be a joking matter. :/

    A watch with proper telephone function…I am dreaming of it since watching Knight Rider as a kid!!!!!!!

    1. FR165 – yes ENTRY LEVEL !! I think I used quote marks ‘entry Level’. I was going to use ‘budget option’ but that wan’t right either !!!!!!!!

      My Apple Watch works fine as a phone! Good signal, clear sound….I jsut look a bit stupid moving my wrist between my ear and mount.

    2. Funny the generational comments as when I was a kid you’d refer to Dick Tracy when talking about watch-phones. (I’m in your Knight-rider generation too btw). Just a funny observation.

  3. “However, Garmin’s Forerunner 265s may well represent the small-format triathlon watch in Garmin’s stable, albeit a lowly-featured one.”
    Fully disagree. Maybe the case size is comparable to 745, but display much smaller. I’m not willing to pay money for even smaller display. I need a FR 765 with case and screen size like Epix 42.

    1. ty
      let’s see waht they come up with

      FR265s 1.1″ (28.1 mm) diameter
      FR265 1.3″ (32.5 mm) diameter
      FR165 rumoured to be 1.2″
      epix 42mm 1.2″ (30,4 mm) diameter
      epix 47mm 1.3″ (33 mm) diameter

      what i particularly like about my fr265 is that it is the same case size as the fr255 but with a bigger display (AMOLED). so garmin should be able to put larger displays onto its existing/chosen watch format sizes.

    2. Yeah, they really screwed up the 265s and the 255s with the ridiculous 1.1″ display. Well the 265s even more so with the weird non-flat display shape.

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