new Garmin Connect IQ Apps – many likely to be delayed in EU

Garmin Connect IQ Apps – many likely to be delayed in EU due to Developer Verification

Effective February 2024, Garmin will no longer allow new and unregistered Connect IQ Developers to show their apps in the European Economic Union (sic). New developers will need to register here and proof of identity. Once approved, Garmin will display developers’ email address, city and country in their app store listings.

This appears to apply only to new developers and I’m assuming that the typo for the EEC meant the European Union (EU), which excludes the United Kingdom.

I checked the registration process and it does NOT seem at all onerous.

Dont Panic

Garmin users in the EU shouldn’t panic and worry that their current Garmin apps will soon disappear. That’s not going to happen. At least I hope not!

This process will provide a degree of certainty moving forward on the integrity of the developer although it might initially lead to a slowing of apps from new developers appearing. Probably no big deal.

Q: Does this apply to existing developers and apps?

A: No. It seems not. I would imagine that Garmin might be wise to verify the identity of all developers at some point. But it is not required this month for EU access.

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