4iiii’s  PRECISION 3+ PRO – first fully Apple Compatible Power Meter

4iiii Dual Side Precision 3+ PRO Powermeter4iiii’s  PRECISION 3+ PRO – first fully Apple Compatible Power Meter

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4iiii’s  PRECISION 3+ PRO is the first dual-sided bike power meter that fully supports your cycling needs and your Apple needs. Specifically, it supports cycling power for your workouts on your Apple Watch, which can mirror your activity stats to an iPhone on your handlebars. What’s more, it also comes with Apple FindMy support built-in, so you can easily locate your bike whenever you need to. No other power meter has this degree of compatibility with the Apple ecosystem.

What is it?

This is an accurate, top-end bike power meter that comes factory-installed onto either a Shimano Ultegra FC-R8100 or Dura-Ace FC-R9200 crankset.


PRECISION 3+ PRO entirely replaces your existing Shimano crankset and in those cases, it should just be a straightforward swap on your bike. It should also work with most other modern bikes but you might need to get your local bike store to check your bottom bracket and frame clearance.

This is a 12-speed compatible setup. Well, it’s specifically designed for 12-speed but I successfully use an FC-R9200 on my 11-speed setup with a 12-speed chain. There is about 1mm of lateral difference and the front derailleur can be adjusted to accommodate that difference.

Ease of Installation

It’s potentially a 10-minute job with the right tools and the only unusual tool you’ll need is a cheap crank assembly tool.

If the bearings on your bike come out when you’re removing the old crankset, it could lead to problems. You might have to go to your local bike shop for assistance and get replacement bearings. Installing those bearings correctly is important and may need a special tool. However, if your bike is 12-speed compatible it should be fairly new and you shouldn’t have to worry about encountering this issue.


why Apple findMy?

Think of it as an Apple AirTag. Family and friends can track your bike’s location, which updates every 1 or 2 minutes. This could be useful in case of an accident or simply to know when to expect you back for dinner. If you don’t have your iPhone with you, or if its battery has run out, or if it’s stolen, then you’ll need someone else’s iPhone within range to send the position to the FindMy Network.

As this is a unique product, it’s unlikely that bike thieves will immediately realize that your bike power meter effectively functions as an AirTag. Even if they do, they would have to remove the battery to disable it. This makes it more likely to be trackable compared to an AirTag placed under a seat or in a headset.


Other Special Features

The battery is claimed to last up to 550hours…which is market-leading performance

Accuracy is stated as 99% (+/-1% error) which is an industry best.

There is also an automatic terrain selector which increases boosts the performance of the accelerometer with a gyroscope, enabled to give accurate cadence on less smooth surfaces. When gravel riding with a conventional power meter there is an increased chance of cadence errors and cadence is a fundamental input to the power calculation ie a single missed crank rotation per minute will likely knock off about 1% of accuracy for that minute. the feature is automated to only be used when necessary to reduce the additional power consumption

The 4iiii PRECISION 3+ PRO also support multiple Bluetooth connections and unlimited ANT+ connection whilst also boasting dual-sided power and advanced cycling dynamics metrics (which you will never use). It’s waterproof for cycling and is also lightweight only adding 29g to the crankset.

Fun Fact: 4iiii is the only crank-based power meter to use 3 strain gauges to measure all forces in your pedal stroke.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend either the Ultegra or Dura-Ace version. I’m getting one.

These are both performance-grade products and 4iiii has a long history of accuracy.

Price & Availability

Prices start at $949.99 (discount code the5krunner will give a 10% discount on some older models, maybe even this one, perhaps)



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