Garmin – Many new products for 2024 launches – official

Garmin Officially Tells us to expect LOTS more new product launches in 2024

Today, Garmin released its impressive financial accounts for the full year of 2023. Parts of the accounts gave us a flavour of what is planned for 2024 and we can take statements made in the accounts as the Gospel Truth as they will be relied upon by the financial markets which treat incorrect statements very badly.

The bottom line is that there will be, quote, MANY PRODUCT LAUNCHES PLANNED DURING THE YEAR…Yay!

We are very pleased with our 2023 financial performance resulting in record full-year consolidated revenue and record full year revenue in three of our five segments. We are entering 2024 with strong momentum from our robust product lineup and have many product launches planned during the year. I am very proud of what we accomplished in 2023 and look forward to all that 2024 will bring. [Pemble, CEO, Garmin]

Take Out

I’m easily excited.

Remember that the new product launches referred to will be across all the company’s business segments. Readers here expect fitness-related products but there will also be Garmin products targeted at helicopters and cars. That said, we should expect a couple of new Garmin products each month, totalling about 20 in the year with perhaps at least half of those being FITNESS/OUTDOORS product

For some speculative insights into what these products will be and which should be broadly correct, check out this post.

In the near term and based on no intel, I reckon we can expect these:

  • Instinct 3 (Q2.2024)
  • Edge 140 (Q2.2024)
  • Edge 1050 or 1040 AMOLED (Q2.2024)

and as I’ve written about elsewhere there are a few vague sniffs and hints at a high-end Forerunner gracing some of our lucky wrists before the summer.

I’m expecting 2024 to be a year of trickledown features. IE the newest features like AMOLED and ECG have been released to high-end models and Garmin will release the same features to new lower models like this week’s Forerunner 165. Add to that Garmin has historically filled any gaps in the variants that exist in the product range eg we only saw the smaller size of the Epix on the second generation watch, on that basis we are missing a high-end, small format triathlon watch.

I’m extremely cautious about suggesting we will see a Fenix 8 from Garmin this year. You have to answer the question of what key new tech component it could have for Garmin to justify a bump in the model number. The most likely bets for that are SOLAR-AMOLED and LTE. Even though Garmin has patents for the former, commercial realities may mean we never see this tech make it onto our wrists. Similarly, LTE is great but only when you are an Apple Watch and can utilise it to its maximum. Garmin is probably only ever going to be able to give us a second-rate LTE offering.

Looking further ahead to 2025 there are several interesting sensor technologies inbound plus the tantalising possibility of microLED.

Hopefully, that’s got you at least a little bit excited too 🙂



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38 thoughts on “Garmin – Many new products for 2024 launches – official

  1. If indeed there is a 965 Pro version I would hope for Elevate 5 OHR, Torch, and LTE. $749 USD and they can have my money.

    1. let’s see.
      i’m guessing we’ll see just a smaller format one that’s NOT called 965 pro.

      if it is the 965 pro released, then i would expect the new features similar to what you hope for plus a couple of case size formats like what happened with epix pro launch

    1. again speculation that there’s even going to be one. tho there were rumours of this last year, so i’m hopefull.

      the Edge 150 is most likely as that’s th eonly model not to iterate so far in the entire Edge series

      price, well a watch is about £50 more for amoled. so it seems reasonable that amoled could add $100 for a larger Edge screen area.

    2. If there’s an AMOLED Edge I’d expect it to be so focused on e-MTB that it will take an entirely different naming scheme.

  2. If they don’t issue an Enduro 2 Pro or 3, I would venture to say the Enduro branch will whither and die. I still think it would be exiting if Garmin would produce an Instinct Pro with a MIPS display in addition to the normal Instinct. I like my 2X, but even as an AMOLED fanboy I prefer MIPS over monochrome. I still hope that one day, we will see a Garmin ring or band that can be worn overnight or in “non-permissible” smartwatch environments, that can track at least all the basics until I can put on my watch again. ECG would of course be nice on more watches, but only if they can officially roll it out around the world. The EU and I think even Canada is still cut off.

    1. i think Enduro will continue. it’s part of the Forerunner product team so they will want to keep it going and it also competes nicely with what coros is trying to do for Ultra runners.
      garmin Ring i dont think will happen but a band could. i more than half expected the band would be released last month instead of the bra thing.
      ecg will come but it comes with elevate 5 as that makes it to new watch models. as you say there are geo-constraints to overcome.

    2. I’m “team MIPS”, prefer it over AMOLED, but diluting the Instinct brand with MIPS would be inexcusable. Instinct is their “you might very well think G-Shock but we could not possibly be Casio” and that calls for high contrast monochrome. Ideally with plenty of fixed segments instead of pixel matrix.

      1. I mean Garmin has way to many variants in their watch lineup as it is right now, but that’s why I said an Instinct Pro with MIPS and a non Pro with monochrome display would be something ….heck I would love to see one with AMOLED display. I am pretty sure they would all sell like hot cakes, even if you slap higher price tags for MIPS and AMOLED on. At the end of the day, Garmin needs to make money…….and lots of it.

    3. All watches in the Instinct series already have MIP (not MIPS, that is a safety system for bike helmets).

  3. The ability to make/receive phone calls and have apps send/pull data over LTE would be enough for me to upgrade.

    Not all of us bound at the hip to iMessage (which is essentially Apples only lockout)

  4. I’ve seen multiple suggestions of a Instinct 3 coming this march. Is there any indication as to why it would be released a month from now? Many users on the garmininstinct subreddit think 2025 at the earliest since the 2X is pretty new. But then again, the 2X could be viewed as a mid-cycle release, meaning the Instinct 3 could be coming soon.

    1. hi
      thanks for the question
      the 2x is just a bigger format with a next gen GNSS chipset. I wouldn’t even class that as a mid-cycle bump. more of a gap filler that jsut so happens to have a few extra bits.
      the key date is the launch of instinct 2 which is February 9 2022. 2 years on and here we are.
      instinct is a money spinner for garmin. they WILL iterate as soon as they can. I’d expect elevate 5, max gen gnss, maybe even a screen boost, tho not amoled but you never know.
      it’s from the Outdoors people so i would expect some degree of not overlapping with the fitness people but within the constraints of the right seasonal launch window

      Edge 150 gives the best odds
      instinct 3 (or 2 PRO) comes a close second.
      the future is difficult to predict, especially if you want precise dates 😉 just two week to wait (or one for the leaks)

      1. Awesome, thanks for getting back to me! I bought the Instinct 2 a couple days ago so still within the 30 day return window for the Instinct 3 hopefully. Think it’s gonna have multi-band, V5 HR sensor, hopefully a better backlight because the one on the Instinct 2 is horrible, and perhaps a flashlight? Who knows.

  5. All of a sudden in the UK the Forerunner 965 has been discounted by a massive £100 so maybe a new release is on the horizon?

  6. It’s almost April and there are still no leaked renders (or any other information) available? Will Garmin announce the Instinct 3 on Tuesday, April 2?

  7. Edge 1040 is out of stock @ REI in the states. Pulled from Best Buy. Limited availability from other retailers, like Adorama “special order”. Could be a sign that the new model is coming within 30 days.

      1. Can you point me to the rumor? My boss will start getting mad if I keep searching!! 🙂

    1. *** Garmin Instinct 3 Rumors ***

      This guy (Andre Larson) says:

      “While concrete details about pricing and release dates are yet to be confirmed by Garmin, industry speculations hint at a launch window around October 2024.”

      Note: The article was published on Monday, April 1; maybe it was an April Fools’ joke.

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