Suunto Gets ADVANCED Stryd Running Dynamics Metrics & More

Suunto Gets ADVANCED Stryd Running Dynamics Metrics

STRYD’s running dynamics metrics have been around for some time and now they are available as a SuuntoPLUS app for Suunto Watch owners, my favourite being the AMOLED-screened Suunto Race.

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Key running metrics

The image at the top of this article shows a screen with three of the four metrics with a fourth available as Impact Loading Rate. These metrics are all at least partly a function of efficiency and, as you can guess, if you become more efficient you will be a faster runner, less prone to injury.

Often there is the “So What?” factor to these metrics. You can view them in isolation today and they might change at different speeds or over different terrains but fundamental changes in your efficiency will take time to achieve. Here are the drills to do to become more efficient

  • Leg spring stiffness: Perform plyometric exercises, such as skipping, bounding, or hopping. These exercises help explosive strength and elasticity in muscles and tendons.
  • Vertical oscillation: Perform drills that focus on your posture, alignment, and cadence, such as running with high knees, butt kicks, or quick feet. These minimize vertical movement and improve form and efficiency.
  • Ground contact time: Lower ground contact time, with exercises that strengthen muscles and tendons – try calf raises.

Of course, you’ll find a SuuntoPLUS app for Running Form Drills 😉

Install the app to your watch from the smartphone app and then pick the apps you want as you start your workout.

Other New Apps

I was pleasantly surprised to see an app for Shiumano Di2 and Shimano STEPS but apparently, they’ve been there for a while. Other recent apps include

  • Race Pacer – Fine-tune race pacing strategy for an even pace or a negative split by distance or time.
  • Pace/Power Duration – show the cumulative time spent in each workout intensity zones

Other Development – Ski Maps Enhanced

The map layer now shows xc ski tracks, ski slopes and ski lifts. Also, the difficulty of the slopes is shown, and whether the xc ski tracks have lights for night-time skiing or not.


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8 thoughts on “Suunto Gets ADVANCED Stryd Running Dynamics Metrics & More

    1. Supposedly it will, as all Stryd data is now written to a FIT file.

      That said, if you have Stryd paired as footpod, you will have to choose between connecting that and the Stryd S+ app. Which opens up two interesting questions: a source of distance if the footpod isn’t officially connected and the source of power metrics displayed on non-Stryd pages? Are they Stryd values or Suunto values?

      The distance can probably be ignored for outdoor runs as Suuntos use FusedSpeed and rely primarily on GPS, but what about treadmills?

      1. Why would you sync the pod though?

        You no longer need to sync Stryd pod at all, as all the data including latest metrics like impact loading rate is transmitted automatically now, just like with Garmin or COROS. If you still sync the pod, just like with Garmin it might create dupes you are right, or might just throw the data away.

        I think the biggest selling point of this S+ app is precisely the elimination of double-sync requirement to have merged data in the Stryd PowerCenter. Consequently, it also removes a need to re-upload the merged activities into other third-party services like Runalyze,, or TP if you want to have Stryd metrics along with the original watch data.

        I’m just not sure this is worth it if that means you are losing Stryd as a footpod, espeically in indoor situations, or if it’s Suunto’s and not Stryd’s power that gets displayed everywhere else during activity.

  1. As per latest Stryd FAQ , Suunto still requires double sync. I do without much of a hassle and works. Pity is the lack of options in having more than 1 “app” running on the watch. At least on my Suunto 3 . I normally use the app on my watch. That one shows instant power and is enough for me. Wouldn’t be running and looking all those STRYD metrics on the fly

  2. I’m wondering how the xc ski maps work? Is it on the watch itself, or in the app? Haven’t found any info on this. I’d be so happy if I could get xc ski tracks onto the watch map!

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