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Zone3 Vision
Zone3 Vision

ZONE3 Vision

ZONE3 has introduced what is claimed to be the world’s first biodegradable performance-focused wetsuit, the latest version of the ZONE3 Vision.


Priced at £399, the new Vision wetsuit utilises biodegradable rubber – Terraprene, sourced from neoprene specialist Yamamoto. ZONE3 asserts that the Terraprene material maintains high quality and performance while having the ability to completely biodegrade in landfill conditions.

Once the wetsuit reaches the end of its lifespan, the Terraprene material can decompose entirely in landfill conditions. Tests indicate that within two years, the material will be nearly one-third decomposed, in contrast to traditional non-biodegradable neoprene, which can persist in landfill for over a century.

ZONE3 further explains that the material continues to degrade until complete decomposition, yet does not undergo any decomposition during regular swimming or storage.

Users of the ZONE3 Vision will also be able to return the suit to ZONE3 at the end of its life, where the lining and zips will be removed and recycled, before sending the Terraprene material to landfill for biodegradation.

As recipients of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Innovation, ZONE3 has consistently led in product development. With this launch, we aim to provide a sustainable product alongside ZONE3’s commitment to performance products.

While the new Terraprene Vision wetsuit may appear to be the next step in ZONE3’s innovative sustainability roadmap, it is the first performance wetsuit on the market with enhanced sustainability credentials. The wetsuit is truly groundbreaking and a significant advancement in making triathlon more sustainable. [S. Westlake, Product Designer, ZONE3]

The Terraprene-based Vision joins the ZONE3 RENEW Open Water swimwear, made from recycled bottles, and the ZONE3 YULEX range of open water swimming accessories made from a plant-based alternative to neoprene.

ZONE3 states that it continues to update and adapt its popular products, including the 100% Recycled Heat Tech Change Robe and Recycled Buoys and Tow Floats, to contribute to the preservation of natural environments and waterways.

Take Out

Probably a good choice for the eco-minded amongst you. Although the most eco option is not to consume in the first place, re-use or buy secondhand.

Despite my good personal eco-credentials elsewhere, I’ll stick with my excellent Zone3 Vanquish for now.




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