Strava gets Oura Stickers

Oura and Strava

Oura and Strava already have integrations between the platforms. Today the integrations have been expanded so that you can create a sticker in Oura and send it to a completed Strava activity.

You might want to share your 100% Oura Readiness Score to a Strava Workout as proof that readiness was the key to your KOM.

How it works – Overview

First, you complete an activity in Strava in your normal way. If you’ve already set up the sync between the two apps then that workout will also find its way to the Oura app. If not see the instructions below on how to get them linked up.

Next, go into the Oura app and choose a background image or take a picture. You can then add several bits of your wellness data to that picture to create a collage.

Once you are happy with the picture and the data shown on it you can send the picture (aka sticker) back to any completed Strava workout.

The sticker then appears in Strava for you or your followers to admire.



Take Out

Platform A links to Platform B isn’t a story any more and I don’t even have the justification of it being a quiet news day.

Will anyone use these features?

I mean, if HRV-Readiness from Oura was modelled alongside your TSB-readiness in Strava then maybe yet another made-up composite score might mean something. But this new aspect of the integration takes a minute or so to produce and I’m just not sure that anyone will be bothered to do it. that said, I spent a minute or so doing it to produce the images above.


Connecting Strava and Oura

Connect the Oura app to Strava to share recorded media to any Strava activities that are already synced to your account. This will allow you to add additional information and media to your existing Strava activities, even those not recorded with Oura. See a more holistic view of all the efforts and activities you complete in your training.

    1. From the Oura app, tap the top-left hamburger menu to reveal the left navigation menu.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Other apps within the “Data sharing” section.
    4. Tap the Strava option in the “Available apps” section.
    5. Review details of what benefits the Strava integration will provide and then tap Continue.
    6. Grant permission for Strava to access the user’s specified Oura data. You must enter your Strava login credentials to grant this access.
    7. Receive confirmation that the integration was successful and configure the integration to either import only export only or import and export. By default, import and export will both be toggled ON.

Syncing From Strava to Oura

Once your accounts are connected and you’ve enabled imports, Stava activities will be automatically displayed as activity cards within the Oura app. Strava activities will count towards your activity goal and Activity Score in the Oura App.

Syncing From Oura to Strava

Once your accounts are connected and you’ve enabled imports, activities captured using the Workout Heart Rate (WHR) recording feature will automatically sync to Strava. Please be aware that manual and auto-detected activities recorded by Oura cannot be synced to Strava at this time.

Sharing Media on Activities

Connect the Oura app to Strava to share media using Oura’s Stickers to illustrate your unique health story. This will allow you to add additional information via the data insights added to the images and media to your existing Strava activities. See a more holistic view of all the efforts and activities you complete in your training

Connecting to Strava :

  1. Create or log in to your Oura account
  2. Click on the three-bar icon in the top left and go to ‘Settings
  3. In Settings go to the section labeled Data Sharing and select ‘Other Apps’
  4. You will then see the option to Connect with Strava and you can toggle on or off the ability to sync Oura activities to Strava or pull Strava activities into Oura.

Sharing Readiness Scores and other media from Oura to Strava:

  1. Once Oura is connected to Strava go to the main ‘Today’ screen view
  2. Click the share icon in the top right
  3. From here you can choose which metrics to display and the background image
  4. Select ‘Share to Strava
  5. A list of your most recent activities in Strava will populate and you can select which one to share your Oura data to.

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  1. On my app it seems that i can only attach to activities that are like 6 days earlier which don’t make sense, not sure if this is a bug only for me, for example today is 12th and if i try to post it only can post an activity of 7th March even in Strava there’s activities in all the other days, and tomorrow it will appear the ones from 8th March

    Can someone confirm if it happens to you as well?

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