Where to go in Blackpool if you are a basketball fan

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Where to go in Blackpool if you are a basketball fan

Whether you are a basketball enthusiast or not, Blackpool can be an excellent destination. This place is not just about the seaside attractions and beautiful views. This vibrant city on the northwest coast of England offers so many exciting things to explore that you will find a few options for an unforgettable spending time.


However, since Blackpool has carved its niche in the sporting landscape,  learning more about it will be attractive for basketball live betting fans looking for new places to explore. So, if you are also one of them, check the following list of the best destinations and activities in Blackpool.

Hit the Courts at Stanley Park Sports Centre

The Stanley Park Sports Centre should be the first Blackpool stop for true basketball fans. This sports hub is one of the best examples of the excellent combination of modern facilities and well-maintained courts. According to the updated information from wikipedia.org, the capacity of this stadium can be expandable from 60,0000 to 73,000 all-seated, so it’s pretty huge, as you can see. This is where you can work on your skills, shoot some hoops and engage in a friendly game with other basketball fans. Remember to check the schedule for open sessions or join one of the numerous local leagues for an even more competitive experience.

Support the Blackpool Junior Basketball Club

If you just want to enjoy the play of real professionals, then buy a ticket for one of the attending games hosted by the local basketball club. This can be the best way to immerse yourself in the local scene and get an unforgettable experience connecting you to the heart of Blackpool’s basketball community. So do not waste your time, and grab your jersey to join the passionate fans during one of the exciting games of the Blackpool Junior Basketball Club.

Basketball-themed Eats and Meets

Blackpool is also known for its numerous basketball-themed restaurants and pubs. Visit one of them after a long and thrilling game or a day on the courts to try local drinks and cuisine. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere and spend time with fellow fans by visiting such places. To make the process of searching easier, you follow the recommendations from theguardian.com team that have prepared the list of the 20 best UK pubs.


You can also go to the restaurant to enjoy the food, but only in the basketball pub will you find some unique atmosphere and fellas who are huge fans of this sport.

Basketball-Inspired Sightseeing

Do you want to have more themed photos but are still unsure what they should look like? Then, try to take photos of the basketball in the most unexpected places. For example, you can capture creative shots while walking on the iconic landmarks or enjoying the panoramic views of the sea.


The best photos will surely be of you enjoying the moments during the match or your next visit to one of the themed basketball pubs. Travelling with your friends or family is highly recommended to ensure the vacation will be full of positive emotions.

Join Pickup Games at the Beach Courts

Blackpool’s sandy shores provide simple access to the numerous makeshift courts for basketball. That means you can enjoy the wonderful sea and city views and play your favourite game. You don’t need to have your team to play with since there are always enough people to create the teams on the makeshift courts. It’s a fantastic way to combine the joy of the dynamic basketball game with the natural beauty of the coastal setting in Blackpool. But you can also just watch how others play if you want only to rest by doing nothing.


Blackpool is a great place to visit for everyone, especially for basketball fans. Impressive sports facilities, local basketball pubs and numerous matches of the strongest teams in the region are available for tourists the whole year. That means it doesn’t matter when you visit the Blackpool because it will always be a slam-dunk experience with many new acquaintances. So buy a ticket and choose the place from the list above to make your vacation unforgettable.

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