Kinomap Announces Wahoo KICKR RUN Support

Kinomap Announces Wahoo KICKR RUN Support

This is a slightly funny story.

Firstly it’s not usually news any more than Piece of Hardware X now links to Platform Y. Secondly I’m sure many of us get a little bit grumpy when something we use stops working with something else because of ‘an improvement’ hidden away in a bug list and then that improvement takes quite some time to fully work.

Well, today the French company Kinomap released a press release announcing its linkup with a product that you won’t be able to buy for a few more months in the USA and not in Europe until next year. That should give them PLENTY of time to have a 100% bug-free service up and running from day 1.

Kinomap is now fully compatible with the innovative Wahoo Fitness KICKR RUN, offering treadmill users an unparalleled level of immersion and engagement during indoor running sessions. [Kinomap]

I’m very excited about getting hold of a Wahoo Kickr RUN but clearly not as excited as Kinomap.

Kinomap will allow KICKR run owners to complete their virtual runs whilst following real-world routes onscreen. to be fair to the company, now that I know about this I’ll probably give it a go next year. I’ve been hoping that treadmill running whilst close to a large screen is a more immersive experience than cycling in front of Zwift or its free alternative – myWhoosh.

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