Garmin FCC Filings 2024 – new product hints

Garmin FCC Filings 2024 – new product hints


Garmin FCC reports used to be a great source of information on the company’s upcoming products. Less so these days as Garmin has taken product launches more professionally. I’ve not looked at this information for well over a year but here is the latest state of play which doesn’t say much at all.

  • IPH-04630 – Watch
  • IPH-04752 – Garmin Tread
  • IPH-048074 – Aircraft related
  • IPH-0S4355 – TACX Stelvio (internal codename for TACX NEO 3M I beleive)
  • IPH-04714 – Forerunner 165
  • IPH-04868 – ?
  • IPH-04780 – ?

Expect to see a new Garmin (or two) announced on Tuesday 9 April. could be Edge 1050, Could be Edge 150 or it could be a new Instinct/enduro. or something else entirely different. Edge 1050 has been rumoured for a considerable time with some tentative leaks. For other reasons I would bet on the Edge 1050, maybe it has an AMOLED screen or ‘full-width’ screen, maybe it’s the first AMOLED Solar, or maybe it has new LTE functionality.

This document has the latest intel that I can publish: here

via: Twitter @Jakub


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28 thoughts on “Garmin FCC Filings 2024 – new product hints

  1. Test report and its “Co-Location” variant for IPH-04630 say smart watch. Looks like ISM band and NFC. IPH-0S4355 is the Neo 3M, I guess the lines have been mixed up? I guess a “Tacx Climb” must be due now that the latest Neo has a rotating axle. Seems a bit lame to call it Stelvio, but I guess a dutch company has limited options… (hey, Camerig has 183m of climb, if you squint a little and ignore that it’s not continuous! ) (a delightfully chaotic certification etc aggregator) suggests that IPH-04868 is some GPSMAP unit (boat stuff):

    1. Garmin, of all the companies on the market, is very difficult to decipher. It leaves few clues, and decision-makers speak very vaguely, enigmatically or evasively in interviews. As if they couldn’t say it directly… “Yes, we’re working on something like that” or “No, we don’t plan to implement it in the next few years.” I don’t understand what the purpose of hiding everything like this is. Garmin doesn’t really have anything comparable to most of its equipment anyway. And even more clearly… Globally, no one can threaten him for now. Hiding all the information in an armored bunker serves no purpose. Even on the Garmin forum, you never know what features will be introduced, which bugs will be fixed, which applications will be improved. Only users, customers and Beta testers are treated like the rest of society.

      1. Nothing worse than pre-announcing something, making buyers postpone and then be disappointed by the release: chances are the disappointment will make them buy from a competitor even if in absence of the release their decision would have fallen on the predecessor. That’s very different when a company does not have a predecessor, e.g. Hammerhead played a very long preannouncement game for the first Karoo. For v2 they went silent.

        When preannouncements do happen, they are usually related to the stock market requirements (or manipulations, e.g. to game bonus payment criteria) and Gramin does not really have any products so central in their portfolio that playing with pre-release anouncements could make much difference one way or the other.

      2. there are also issues around pre-announcements affecting dealer pre-orders.
        some companies complicate matters with restrictive deliveries after launch so they can sell direct to early adopters.

        it’s all a very complicated process especially for the likes of Garmin

    1. Wanted to write it: he is doing a Madeira west to east, last time Imke did something was his hike around MontBlanc, I think it was the Enduro 2 wich was released then.

      1. true, true
        instinct 3 would also be appropriate. tho E-w Madeira must be 3-5 day depending on route. Shouldn’t be a problem for any of the garmin outdoor endurance watches (he is using epix and grit x2

      1. SAR Report App C-2 and C-3.
        Habe not seen These in the fcc files on seither the fenix7 (pro) , epix (pro) or Forerunner 965 before.

    1. I guess it is bike computer. Becuse of E-label:
      Viewing Device Information
      You can view device information, such as theE-label, unit ID, software version, regulatory information, and license agreement.
      1 Press “O” (ring symbol is used on larger displays..)
      2 Select Settings > About.

  2. IPH-04185 is coming out of confidentiality on 2024-04-17. Touchscreen device (“from the main menu”) and the ID screen usually associated with watches? Don’t see any confidentiality earlier in april

    1. The Garmin model # in the e-label is the Lily 2. This device appears to be only BT, which would be consistent with the Lily 3, as the Lily line only BTs to a phone, and has no ANT+ radio (nor GPS).

      1. Take that back, the Lily2 just came out… But otherwise the (lack of) radios on this wearable is consistent with the Lily line.

  3. Hi Guys!
    I just make some quick investment at my work :-). I found new circular body worn BLE/ANT sensor coming. I guess new RD pod like Stryd.
    IPH-A4714 – Some FR? Probably without NFC Amoled watch maybe FR65? 8/24
    IPH-04770 – New sensor 5/24

  4. Interestingly there is a short-term confidentiality release date (MM/DD/YYYY format): 05/12/2024

    External Photos External Photos 2024-05-12 00:00:00
    Internal Photos Internal Photos 2024-05-12 00:00:00

    Maybe later this week or next we will see what this device is. The most interesting thing I think is that it is battery operated and no I/O Ports for charging???

    5.2 Key Parameters
    EUT Input Power:Battery operated 3Vdc
    I/O Ports:None
    Radio Transceivers:Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT
    Radio Receivers:None
    Primary Functions:Sharing data between different devices
    Typical use location: Body worn
    Highest internal frequency:2.484GHz
    Firmware RevisionV0.985

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