Polar Grit X2 Pro – now shipping, new firmware

Polar Grit X2 heroPolar Grit X2 Pro – now shipping

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As of today, Polar has started shipping its premier watch – Grit X2 Pro both the Titanium and non-titan versions will ship. Also released today will be the final production firmware.

Testing over the last few weeks has been good and the device is reliable. I’ve not tested the heart rate as that is updated today however you’ll find one detailed GNSS/GPS accuracy result linked to here. I don’t consider my job to be a beta tester, that said the bugs I have found were few and far between with the most annoying requiring a re-pairing to the smartphone every couple of days (Polar are aware of this).



Polar has priced Grit X2 PRO with a premium for new adopters at launch. Don’t expect the regular price to be more than $100 cheaper even in a year but do expect periodic discounts deeper than that during the key seasonal events. Garmin has already discounted Epix Pro Gen 2 (non-Sapphire) by 20% to very similar levels, in the UK that’s £690. When comparing the prices of different brands make sure to compare to Sapphire Screen models which add about $100.

Polar Grit X2 right side



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1 thought on “Polar Grit X2 Pro – now shipping, new firmware

  1. Is anyone really buying the GritX2 Pro at this price?

    I love the Polar system. I much prefer looking at my data in Polar Flow rather than Garmin Connect or Strava.

    If the Grit X2 Pro was priced realistically I may have jumped ship….again.

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