Garmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

garmin edge 540 review featuredGarmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

It’s a disappointing quarter for those of us who own one of Garmin’s newer bike computers – 1040/840/540.

There are several bug fixes addressed this time around. I experienced one of them myself, that being the “Fixed issue where the battery would drain excessively during suspend” error. I also still have problems taking my Edge 540 off charge where the device freezes and almost every time I have to press the top left and right buttons simultaneously for over 10 seconds to restart it. #sigh. Not long to go now, I promised to use the Edge 540 for a year and my sentence is nearly up. There are definitely some surprises for those of you who might be considering a new bike computer, I’ll keep this link updated with info on future devices from all brands but I’m somewhat constrained by what I am allowed to share.

Anyway, the new feature you came here for is the ability to add lap ascent and descent data fields to your pages. I can just about see the usefulness of that one but admit to struggling. No doubt someone, somewhere will be delighted and if that’s you…go fill your boots. Enjoy!

  • Fixed glance refresh issues on the main page
  • Added lap ascent and descent data fields
  • Fixed solar graph display on the post-ride highlights page
  • Fixed courses with special characters not loading properly
  • Fixed connectivity of Polar Verity Sense
  • Fixed an issue with GroupRide course downloads
  • Fixed issue where lock on road setting was not being honoured
  • Fixed issue where true-up activities could not be deleted
  • Fixed frequent disconnect issues with certain smartphones
  • Fixed issue where the battery would drain excessively during suspend
  • Fixed RTS data screen layout editing

Here are the links for those who want them




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5 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

    1. Now I’m confused. If I click on your 1040 link, it takes me to a page showing 20.19 as the latest. If I click on the 840 link, it does show 21.09. This is confusing 🙂

  1. Guess if your 540 does that is either time for an hard reset or warranty, more likely the second one.
    On my side I really prefer that they focus on solving bugs than new features.

  2. Native Lap ascent

    Who cares?! Thanks for God one can add 10 ciq datafields per ride profile, so I stick to :

    I use 530 btw, so I have not a real choice now in fact, I just meant if I had I would stick to some df which proved to worl properly.

    That developer made Last Lap Ascent (I wonder whether Garmin will propitiously add it for 550/1050 or 560/1060), and similar useful ciq datafields (Lap/Last lap VAM, Sensible VAM/Grade).

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