Garmin Edge GoPro Control Coming Soon – Natively and via Connect IQ

garmin gopro control

Garmin Edge GoPro Control Coming Soon – Natively and via Connect IQ

Toward the end of 2023, Garmin announced new features for Connect IQ 7.

After talking with developers soon after the release, we discussed what new uses could be made of the features it included. I pointed out at the time to readers here that the newly added BLE Bonding Support should mean that GoPro control should be possible…and it is.

As you can see from the first image, below, GoPro control was requested on the Garmin forums MANY years ago. Finally, it seems to have come to fruition. Check out the last image. If you are on the beta of several of Garmin’s higher-end watches you should see a hot Key option for GoPro Camera Control. You can assign it to a key combination but that’s about it, nothing further happened for me but then I haven’t got a GoPro.




So it seems that Garmin plans to introduce GoPro control via a Hotkey and this will probably mean it starts a Garmin app of some sort rather than a Data Field.

Even if that doesn’t happen in that way, 3rd party developers are working on adding GoPro control for Data fields on Edge devices. You can find more info on that here, You will have to log in first and might need an Edge 840/1040 registered to your account. Otherwise search for developer Sam Dumont, who developed the excellent Stryd zones data field.

I would imagine that Garmin will get this up and running very soon to counter Wahoo’s recent announcement of GoPro.



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