Garmin Index BPM now available in Europe

Garmin Index BPMGarmin Index BPM now available in Europe

Garmin’s cuff-based blood pressure monitor was released in North America in September 2022 after securing regulatory approval. The company now has further regulatory approval in Europe and can be bought more easily from official channels. Previously european buyers would have to buy via eBay and incur import costs of up to 30% of the sale price.

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The Index BPM works similarly to the Index Smart Scales by sending readings to Garmin Connect via your home WiFi. From Garmin Connect you can automatically link to Apple Health from which point other wellness apps should be able to see the data on your iPhones.


More Product Details: Here

Also, consider monitors by OMRON and A&D (I have the latter)





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6 thoughts on “Garmin Index BPM now available in Europe

  1. “The Index BPM works similarly to the Index Smart Scales” well thats not a promising line given that most of the metrics from the scales are guesses based on population average statistics

  2. This is already available for a few weeks, including advertisement from Garmin on social media (this is new for me, was never targeted before).
    I cant decide. I see the surcease of monitoring blood pressure and everytime i measure at work its a little to high, but as many first responders i consume quite a lot of caffeine (especially in the morning).
    There are still discussions going on at the Garmin Forum regarding accuracy. I think you @the5krunner should also mention that there is a widget to assess if you are relaxed/inactive enough to get a reliable measurement.
    Don’t know why its now Asian in the description.

  3. Garmin connect allows you under “Health” to add your own BP measurement. Get a medically approved monitor from your local pharmacy for £30 and simply manually add results to Garmin connect.

  4. Is there any value in getting such a device for healthy athletes with no history of blood pressure problems?

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