Whoop – New Feature Requests

whoop 4 band review with strain ai gpt coachWhoop – New Feature Requests

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Whoop recently requested feature suggestions on Twitter, this post summarises what you want. Apparently what you want varies from VO2max down to poo tracking.

The list of tweeted responses from WHOOP owners indicates a range of desired new features for the WHOOP device:

  1. Integration and Tracking Features:
    • Steps counter // Pedometer
    • Calories tracker
    • Real-time HRV (Heart Rate Variability)
    • Fasting tracker
    • VO2 max tracking
    • Gym activity tracking
    • Blood pressure monitoring
    • EKG (Electrocardiogram) capabilities
    • Audible pace timer for running
    • Tracking of body measurements
    • Bowel movement tracking
    • Zone 2 HR coach
    • Integration with step, fasting, and calorie trackers
  2. App and Compatibility:
    • Apple Watch compatibility // WatchOS app
    • iPad app
  3. Notifications and Alerts:
    • Overreaching notifications during workouts
    • Notification for any heart rate abnormalities
    • Audible pace timer when running
    • Timestamps on sleep phases data
    • Ability to disable/change alarms offline


Take Out

Some of these will never, ever happen and others are unlikely to happen. Of those that could or should happen I’d say it’s sensible to ask for VO2max, fasting features,  and improved alerts.

If you want to have a feel for my thoughts on what will be in Whoop 5.0 then read this post from a few months back. We might see one this year with a bit of luck and a favourable wind.


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6 thoughts on “Whoop – New Feature Requests

  1. How could VO2max tracking work w/o GPS or power meter support? The Firstbeat models, while not measuring actual O2 consumption, rely on not only knowing HR (as Whoop can do) but also the amount of work being performed (which I don’t see how Whoop can do).

  2. This leaves me a bit worried. Was hoping for a new whoop soon, but if they are asking for requests at this point, then at a minimum it will be a late release this year.

    1. i have no intel.
      however i would assuem that a new release for them would be leading up to christmas, a way to move more sales. probably before black friday. i think it was the same a couple of years ago

  3. My whoop strap does connect to my mobile, I cannot send it back as it impossible to contact customer care and they have proceeded to charge me €264 for a service which I cannot use or contact them. It is a complete rip off and am currently going through legal procedures to reclaim my money STAY AWAY!

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