full details: Wahoo KICKR RUN | available for pre-order today in USA


Wahoo KICKR RUN – Smart Treadmill

Specialist triathlon tech company, Wahoo Fitness has unveiled a new running machine called the KICKR RUN smart treadmill. It aims to change how we run indoors similarly to how the original Wahoo KICKR smart trainer changed indoor cycling over 10 years ago.

Now available for pre-order in the USA at $4,999.99, HERE Delivery will be on a first come first served basis.

The timeline for delivery is:


Product Details

TL;DR – A high-end smart treadmill with novel features including side tilt and hands-free, automatic belt speed adjustment


The KICKR RUN has a revolutionary feature branded as “RunFree Mode”. This new feature allows runners to change their pace without touching any controls. A responsive motor reacts as your position changes on the trainer’s belt. This lets you run more naturally and confidently, albeit with less pace precision than a manual setting.

Here are some highlights from the press release bullet pointed out as individual features:

  • Hands-free changes in pace via “RunFree Mode” which lets your feet control speed by how fast you run
    • Allows natural pace changes without touching controls while running
    • Nudgeable control paddles give easy manual control  if needed
  • Full integration with Zwift Run to automatically change gradient during virtual runs
  • RunFree Mode uses a high-speed motor to react within milliseconds to changes in position. Built-in time-of-flight optical sensor keeps users centred on the treadmill. Presumably, this means that your fore/aft position is sensed and is assumed to indicate that you are either speeding up or slowing down and the belt speed is adjusted so that you remain in its centre.
    • Example: your built speed is X.
    • You speed up to Y
    • You move forward as a result
    • KICKR RUN senses your forward position and increases the belt speed to somewhere near Y, eventually settling out at Y over a very short period
  • Stable yet lively running platform that feels like outdoor running
  • Responsive belt propels runners at their normal outdoor pace
  • [PLANNED] Innovative lateral tilting simulates the feel of running on the road.
  • Automatic leveling function to your floor
  • Control and connectivity to Zwift and Wahoo SYSTM, assume Zwift will fully control the incline soon.
  • High pace capability of 4:00/mile
  • Fully integrated with Wahoo accessories and devices (Rival? Headwind? Bolt 2 in triathlon mode?)
  • Integrated shelf and bottle holders for storage and hydration
  • USB-C charging port and WiFi/wired network connectivity
  • Quiet operation

Wahoo Kickr Run Specs

  • Incline: +15% to -3% – the max incline is normal but the decline is unusually good.
  • Belt 69” (175cm) x  22” (56cm) – this is larger than many/most competitors
  • Runner weight limit: 113kg but 136kg is normal for higher-end units. Expect this to change at launch
  • Deck height: 30cm from floor
  • USB-C 24w Charging – this sounds low
  • 110v or 220v – depending on country
  • 3.0 HP motor (average is usually about 2.5 HP, high-end units will be 4.5HP ish)
  • Connectivity: Wifi, Ethernet (both Direct Connect)
  • Control: Bluetooth FTMS, Wahoo Treadmill API control (SDK exists) ie Zwift, Wahoo Systm and more
  • Data Broadcast: ANT+ Footpod, Bluetooth Smart Footpod (speed/pace, cadence), also incline/grade, GCT and VO. Interestingly also side-to-side position
  • 4:00/mi (2:28/km) or 15MPH (24KPH)
  • Running Power integrations are not initially planned
  • Wahoo Integration: SYSTM is integrated. RIVAL is not integrated for control. Unclear if BOLT/ROAM are integrated for indoor transitions. Headwind will be integrated with a new wind algorithm

Full Details: Wahoo Fitnes

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