new Zwift Features – H2.2024

new Zwift Features – H2.2024

Zwift has announced several updates scheduled for release over the next few months. These updates cover various aspects of its ecosystem, including the companion app, the HUD display, and a new expansion to Watopia. Let’s delve into the details to see what’s new.


The Head-up display (HUD) will also launch in the summer. To me, the planned change takes up a bit more valuable screen space but the possibilities of customisation mitigate that. For me, the best change is the superior way that Zwift now addresses elevation with on-screen elements that cover instantaneous grade, full route elevation profile and current climb profile. You can’t ask for more than that. Well, you could ask for more customisable metrics but you get that as well 😉

Zwift is also opening up to 3rd party digital training plan companies through a new mechanism (API). There will be a couple of providers of plans/workouts using that in the coming months, I would assume them to be TrainingPeaks and Trainer Road with the ‘API’ being opened up to others like Final Surge soon after. Custom workouts will appear in the Zwift custom workout folder. Zwifters benefitting from this feature will probably have multiple subscriptions but if you want to minimise that wait for Final Surge to get added as its workout builder and scheduler are free (it only charges for the pre-made training plans). Fancy following AI workouts in Zwift?..Markus at AI Endurance has already confirmed he will support the linkup as soon as possible.

The old Epix KOM route is added to by a new and separate climb called The Grade. The climb in and of itself acts as an FTP test! That’s a neat idea and I’d say I can’t wait to try it out but …it’s an FTP test!


Finally, we come to the companion app and a new feature called “My List”. This feature allows you to queue workouts and routes in advance, simplifying the planning process for future activities. It’s more of an ordered checklist of things to do than a calendar of activities, which is another nice twist. Custom workouts aren’t integrated yet but will arrive ‘soon’.

Take Out

Very welcomed, non-trivial improvements.

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