Strava’s 2024 changes in a nutshell – no waffle

strava heatmap gravel mountain bike
NOT A NIGHT HEATMAP: just dark mode for local mountain bike rides

Strava’s 2024 changes in a nutshell – no waffle

Strava’s new CEO, Michael Martin, hosted the annual Camp Strava, a media event highlighting six significant  changes to the platform which will be:

  1. Family plan for up to 4 people (pricing TBC)
  2. Dark Mode – added to the mobile app
  3. Night Heat Maps – to show safer/better routes for night workouts
  4. Quick Edit feature for workout details
  5. Athlete Intelligence – basic coaching and personalised workout feedback.
  6. AI-Enabled Leaderboard Integrity – detection of improbable uploads

Strava claims to be making improvements to the process by which new features are introduced and, like many other companies, is starting to leverage AI.

Availability: Summer 2024 at the earliest. I would expect one new feature per month for the last 6 months of the year if I had to guess.

Take Out

That’s a nice chunk of features. well done Strava.

Strava’s online processing requirements for our uploads must be huge. Even though a 3rd party will likely process the new AI features, some of the platform changes make big demands on its resources and add to the cost base. Don’t forget that Strava is still loss-making despite being founded in 2009.

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