Garmin Edge 1050 Confirmed – FINALLY !!!

Garmin Edge 1050
source: unknown, via Reddit

Garmin Edge 1050 Confirmed – FINALLY !!!

Latest Source: You know who you are, thank you

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OK, release is imminent (100% certainty) and it will be named the 1050 model as opposed to the 1040 AMOLED or any variant like that.

The latest intel from multiple sources confirms Garmin’s next bike computer is an Edge 1050. Other intel dates back up to a year and has got more concrete during that period. For example, I know for certain that Garmin sales reps are talking to dealers and giving them price points for the next model.

Release Date: It will be within the next 3 months and hopefully in June. This timeframe is based on the nature of the intel I already have and if you additionally look at history you will see that Edge 1030 was released in August 2017, 1030+ in June 2020 and 1040 in June 2022. Strong hints from multiple sources indicate Tue 18/Wednesday 19 June (and no later than Wed 19 Aug)


What will set the 1050 Apart?

Edge 1040 is touchscreen-only and is very well-specified. For example, it has a 45-hour battery life and dual-band GNSS chipset. Edge 1050 will inevitably be a spec bump from that but it’s pretty darn good as of now so I’m unsure where Garmin will take the hardware improvement.

Most likely we will see ‘something’ new with both the hardware and features.


I have speculated before that new hardware could include one or more of the following

  • AMOLED screen and/or the first AMOLED Solar  (speculation but @Flo states a big resolution bump to 480 x 800px and a subtle, more angular HARDWARE re-design)
  • Full screen – it could have an increased screen area or, more precisely, a smaller bezel (speculation; but rumours indicate broadly similar screen sizes)
  • Garmin PAY is rumoured but Garmin has to address security either with a time-limited PIN code or some form of proximity sensor to a device that has passed biometric authentication (as below, why not use the other device?)
  • LTE could be interesting. We’ve seen Karoo 3 pull back from LTE with the realisation that many cyclists now carry a phone. Satellite connectivity could also be possible but I doubt it. (speculation)

Software / Features

We have some new intel, below. One other new feature hinted at (20% chance) is a modified way to swipe and scroll the touchscreen, possibly the source confusing the Coros DURA.

Other Reading: Garmin Endurance Score Nomenclature


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55 thoughts on “Garmin Edge 1050 Confirmed – FINALLY !!!

  1. Did you see that with the latest Version of Garmin Connect Mobile, you can send routing targets to your Edge or Watch (1040 and Epix Gen2 is working for me) from Apple Maps? It uses the standard share mechanism from Apple to push the POI into GCM wich then pushes it to the device to start routing.

    1. hi, thank you
      no i hadn’t specifically noticed it.

      I tried it tho:

      Apple maps
      search for ZIZZI
      Click on Zizzi
      share Loation to garmin conenct
      send to device Edge 540 (FR965 lissted a incompitible)
      edge 540 beeps : location saved to Navigation?recent finds

      I’d expect the option to route to it. #shrug

      wahoo elemnt: just creates the route to the point on the app, offers the option to save as a favourite but ??? then what

      Karoo offers the option to route to it (as I would expect). tho if you are already in a route it shoudl add the POI as a diversion

      1. I just double checked: on the Edge 1040 it already calculates a route and offers me only the options „back“ and „go“. On the Epix it asks wich activity to use before it can calculate. This seems to be because in the Edge main menu, there is always an activity type selected on top.

    2. Nice! So there is a positive effect from competition, this must have been triggered by K3 just like all the climbpro clones were triggered by the Garin one.

      Does it work without involving the cloud? Should be *so* easy to push a single coordinate pair locally through the BLE link…

  2. Why would anyone want to do pay on an edge autenticated through watch proximity? If there is any watch to have proximity with, you’d just do the payment through the watch.

    The other speculations aren’t much better: Garmin struggles making LTE useful in running watches, which is a much bigger market, with much stronger desire to leave the phone at home, and all their struggling is on the software side with isn’t any easier for an Edge. And AMOLED would completely ruin the one USP Edge have over their two main competitors. Only in the niche of dedicated ebike head units it would make make any sense. An upmarket sibling to the Edge Explore 2 Power? Yeah, perhaps. The Explore 2 Power is just the regular Explore 2 with a huge premium for not exluding the external battery pins that are included for free (and pointlessly, given today’s runtimes) on all Edge *40. Garmin might very well try their luck offering a higher price point in that market.

    In any case, the pipeline of FCC publication shows very few realeases around the suggested dates: IPH-0S4355 is openly some update to the Neo3M, IPH-04780 is some boxy thing, likely aviation or marine, IPH-0S4443 is openly a network adapter for the Neo (scheduled for october, apparently). That leaves us with IPH-04868 and IPH-A4714. IPH-04868 seems to be a touchscreen device, but the ID screen example looks more like a low-resolution watch, perhaps an Instinct or a Vivomove (my guess would be Vivomove, Instincts tend to come in herds of related models). But it could be anything, perhaps yet another a dashcam. IPH-A4714 has a “B” button to “hold for 10 seconds” which feels untypical for Edge units, but the screen is surprisingly consistent with those published for Explore 2. Of course there’s always a possibility that Garmin has changed their certfication process to remain invisible until release (or that none of the crawlers picked anything up?), but I really would not hold my breath for an imminent 1050.

    1. proximity: yes. I’ll make an edit
      LTE : I agree it struggles to make it useful. doesn’t mean they wont add it as a feature to justify a higher price. I don’t think they will introduce LTE on EDge 1050.
      AMOLED: people want awesome screens. I agree i dont think a bike computer needs it. but money speaks.
      pointless battery pins: yep for 99.9% of people

      FCC: #Shrug. I have corroborated evidence. as I say above, I’m speculating on the date. 100% sure of edge 1050, 95% bet on a 3 months time frame

      1. Heh, I might be overestimating the impact of rationality on Garmin product decisions 🙈. For all we know there could even have been a change in responsibility to someone who thinks that any ride longer than five hours is a preposterous idea, ebikes will eat everything and the Charge power pack deserves a second chance because that was their first project and they still hold a grudge against the market for not buying them like hotcakes.

      2. maybe a ride over 5 hours is not a sensibel one 😉
        (I did two last weekend and have a 200 miler planned for the summer which i hope will take less than 5 hours but, hey, you know, it won’t)

  3. Not sure how is this a confirmation as it seems like another rumor.

    As for the LTE I think the main benefit would be as a backup phone. I use an LTE watch for this purpose because I see modern mobile phones as inherently delicate devices vulnerable to both empty batteries and being broken.

    1. LTE would be very useful at (triathlon) races, during which you don’t typically carry a phone. I have always wanted to be able to push out the real-time metrics when riding or running during triathlons, for my family/friends/coach to see. It is not only about the current location – this part is sometimes estimated by the race organizer – but also the current power, heart rate, speed, and so on. Folks at home could also send you some messages of encouragement during the event if LTE connectivity was available. Not to mention you could always be aware of the current price of bitcoin as well. 🙂

      1. This is my use case too. I Have the Garmin 945 LTE for this reason and also on shorter runs around home, I just head out without my phone, knowing the LTE keeps my tracking active. Modern phones are so large that need an arm band or some sort of vest to carry them

  4. Given the surprising popularity of the Fenix torch functionality, is it out of the realms of possibility for the 1050 to launch with day running visibility LEDS out front?

    1. yeaaaah. maybe. i hadn’t thought of that.
      once battery life is nailed the manufacturer will go to ever more creative ways to use it up…an LED light would be great for that (and useful).

    1. no
      the sources for those are more limited as they are only spec bumps and wouldn’t be linked to new features. I guess a joint release is not beyond the realms of possibility, I always assumed the lower end model was more likely

      1. yes it will be, for me

        looking forward to this was thinking of getting 1040solar but your article last year saying 1050 be out this year i am holding off for that to decide what to buy

  5. One thing that would be nice is the ability to scroll through screens from an Electronic goupset lever/button configuration so you would not have to take your hands off the bars. Also, the ability to pair a bluetooth set of earbuds (or similar) to the unit so you could hear either road hazard warnings, or beeps from the MyBikeTraffic app, or even if the bike is moved when in bike alarm status etc. And the LED light out front is something that would be nice as well.

    1. @Jon Taylor… I can already scroll through screens on the Edge 1040 using buttons on my Di2 levers. What do you mean exactly?

      1. Did not know that but I have a Sram Rival set, can you do it with that and how so?

  6. Wouldn’t Garmin announce it yet to prevent people from buying the k3?
    Don’t know what to think of this “confirmation”…

    1. Garmin will announce when they are good and ready.
      there is a LOT to get in place for an announcement and hence there would be a lot to change to respond to the action of a small player like HH
      the ‘confirmation’ is what the word implies…certainty of the name and existence of the product, coroborating with earlier info, leaks and rumours. But not confirmation of the date as i say above. not official confirmation, I agree!

  7. I need to replace my very functional lezyne enhanced super for something bigger, have some difficulties since begining to se the informations, but kept it for almost 7 years, edge 1050 or 1040 + will be the target!

    1. yikes! that will be a big change.
      going from something that’s super easy to use to…something that isn’t.
      maybe consider a wahoo or karoo (not the latter if battery is an issue)

      1. Had a Garmin 520 before this one that I smashed, but in that time, to punish myself, I decided to bought something cheaper, that’s why I have the lezyne super gps, I’m very surpriesed how reliable it is!
        I think that it’s time for a big change again, that’s why I’m consideranting the new one that will be released! Since the last year information of the possible new model that you released that I told to myself that the next, will be the one! 🙂

      2. there’s a new Coospo one i’ve been asked to review. it’s their top end model at well less than US$100. it supports a power meter…what more do you need. (OK a lot more for some people but PM support used to cost over $250 in the good old days)

      3. Don’t know if is fake or truth, but someone posted some pictures of a named “Garmin Edge 1050 Amoled” on facebook

    2. Ha! I’m using an old Lezyne Super Enhanced GPS too, it’s probably 7+ years old as well. I remember snagging it when DCRainmaker posted a review of their easy navigation feature (basically route on the phone, send to the device, and you no longer needed the phone on you).

      It’s not the most advanced thing, but it’s got a) huge battery life, b) supports a power meter (and everything else short of a Varia radar), and c) just won’t die.

      I use it as an extra screen to support my primary device, a Forerunner 965.

  8. Garmin only just added the USB-C to the 1040 so it’s gonna be a couple more years for such newfangled contraptions as a boarderless display to come to the Edges!! (Pun intended!)

  9. Yay…been fighting the urge to upgrade my 1030 plus for some time now, can’t wait for 1050.
    More battery life, solar, faster processor are the things that I want.

    Also, it is pretty darn good candidate to fit a powerful LED so it can serve as daylights. Would be totally awesome.

    C’mon Garmin, my credit card is ready to leap out of my wallet like a spawning salmon, JUST BRING IT!

      1. Was curious, with the middle two weeks approaching, if there’s been any additional “strong speculation” as to if the 1050 is going to be released soon — or any updated goodies..? 🙂

      2. nope there is nothing new
        I would still bet on a 1050 in the next couple of weeks. dcr is testing lots of stuff but i don’t know if that is what i already have here or if its the garmin stuff (which i dont get, I don’t have any relationship with Garmin)

      3. sigh. sorry for the double post. first wasn’t showing on my side so didn’t think it sent.

      4. Thanks for the reply. I bought the Karoo 3 (first bike computer I’ve used as I had been using rwgps on my phone prior) and I just dont feel I’m sold on it yet. Looks great, but really seems limited in data fields and customizations… have about 10 days left in my trial window.

      5. For one, I was disappointed to find that it didn’t have a speaker to be able to do tbt directions without having to use a Bluetooth connection. The lack of community support is also a downside to me – seeing things like live wind direction metrics the garmin is able to do is an attractive function to me.

        The Karoo also seems to have issues syncing routes – I kind of have to jump thru hoops. It’s suppose to auto-sync any pinned routes from RWGPS — but it’s quirky and just doesn’t work very well in my experience (I have to grab the URL to the route and then manually do an add via the website).

        The HammerHead app, while understandably is very new, is so lack luster it’s pretty disappointing.

      6. hi
        karoo routes: yes there was another fix for that in this months firmware. i have brought it to their attention
        hh app – it’s new as you say.
        i have supplied contacts, developer details and more info to them on wind direction. they are aware of the issue. they wont discuss future plans but live wind direction is a ‘proper’ feature.

      7. A roadmap would be REALLY good to see, but alas most companies don’t release that stuff anymore. I’m curious — do you prefer the Karoo in general to the other computers? If so, why?

      8. i prefer wahoo because of the simplicity of the interface and the power of its connectivity and openness.

        i’ve been doing mor navigation than normal recently and have enjoyed the karoo
        i really don’t enjoy using edge 540 because of the awful interface…every day it reminds me how bad it is (less so this criticism for garmin watches)

  10. [edited] A retailer’s “garmin-bike-computers” page has some type of placeholder info that appeared today. I’m guessing it’s going to go live real soon.
    It had the following:
    We sell the full line of Garmin Edge Bike Computers. The Edge 540 is one of our best-selling bike computers. When it comes to “bang for your buck”, it doesn’t get any better. If you are looking for a slightly larger device with better navigation and a touchscreen, the Garmin Edge 840 is for you. Lastly, the Edge 1040 is Garmin’s most full-featured Edge bike computer. The 1040 is larger than the others and offers the most features and functionality. All of these models also available in a Solar powered version.

    But now it shows:
    We sell the full line of Garmin Edge Bike Computers. The Edge 540 is one of our best-selling bike computers. When it comes to “bang for your buck”, it doesn’t get any better. If you are looking for a slightly larger device with better navigation and a touchscreen, the Garmin Edge 840 is for you. The Edge 1040 and 1050 both feature the largest screens in the lineup and are home to the most features from Garmin. The Edge 1050 is Garmin’s latest Edge bike computer, featuring a new user interface and brighter touchscreen. The Edge 1040 offers a better battery life and is more affordable than the Edge 1050. All of these models except the Edge 1050 are also available in a Solar powered version.

    Really not much info to go on, but it’s coming.

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