Ravemen PR1400 Review – Headight or Garmin/Wahoo charger – very bright [PR1400, PR2000, PR2400]

Ravemen PR1400 Review – front light with a twist

TL;DR – Bright and well-made light with remote control, doubles as a USB battery pack/charger for your other tech.


Buy from Amazon: EU €89.99, UK £79.99, US $89.99

I wanted to review Ravemen’s PR1400 for two reasons. Firstly it seemed to be a powerful light, suitable for extensive night use (it is) but, more importantly, it doubles up as a battery pack and can be used to charge phones, bike computers, rear lights or any electronic device with the right cable.

With a massive one-day, 200+ mile ride coming up soon it seemed to be the perfect light for the job.

Ravemen have newer and slightly more powerful versions the Ravement PR2000 (2000 lumen vs 1400 lumen) and PR2400 (2400 lumen)


Ravemen PR1400 Review Summary

Ravemen PR1400 Hero


Once the mount is on, it’s easy to clip the PR1400 in or out. Plugging in the remote control or another USB device for charging is also simple, but it will look untidy unless you use and hide the shortest possible cables.

On the road, this light is BRIGHT with excellent beam coverage. I’ve never needed the maximum brightness mode, which is fortunate since the 90-minute run time for that mode wouldn’t be enough for me. Instead, I use the 600lm setting, which gives me 3.5 hours of run time. During the day, the rapid flashing mode (100lm) is great for general awareness and lasts 13 hours. The extra reserve of brightness is useful when you want to flash someone with the remote control, which could be a lifesaver in both day and night-time conditions.



Amazon: EU €89.99, UK £120.00, US $89.99


  • Bright
  • Easy to use and install
  • Several light modes
  • Decent price, sometimes discounted
  • Remote control
  • Acts as a battery pack for phone/Garmin
  • Can be charged by a battery pack
  • Remembers last-used mode
  • Durable and weatherproof


  • Would have loved longer-lasting light
  • Cables can be a bit messy to look at when charging with other devices
  • You might want something even more powerful for night trail riding
  • Inverted GoPro mount mode NOT SUPPORTED (but kinda works)

About Ravemen PR1400

This is a serious bike light from a highly respected manufacturer, designed to fully illuminate your path, unlike lesser lights that are more geared towards letting others see you. There are two bulbs with separate lenses: one provides a wider, closer beam, and the other offers a more focused beam further ahead. You can adjust the brightness and patterns of these bulbs, and there’s also a wired remote control that functions much like a car’s high-beam, allowing you to flash other road users.

Think carefully about how long your night rides will be. The maximum brightness lasts only 90 minutes, but the dimmer modes last up to 21 hours. Regardless of the model or mode you choose, there is a handy runtime indicator showing the minutes of light remaining in the current mode.


Ravemen PR1400 Light Modes PERFORMANCE


The maximum visibility range is claimed as 476ft/145m. However, in terms of illuminating the details of your route, it is VERY BRIGHT up to 20m off-road and 30m on-road. You could easily cycle relatively quickly and safely with this light enabling you to assess upcoming hazards. The PR1400 model is all you need for road cycling however for more serious MTB/trail/gravel riding consider the even brighter PR2000 and PR2400, which are approximately 50% and 100% more expensive respectively. Ravemen’s XR6000 is even more powerful, and even more expensive as a result! Go for those other models if you intend to do serious off-road usage.

Ravemen PR1400 Features
Ravemen PR1400 Features



PR1400 Technical Specs

It weighs 213g (PR2000 is 214g), which feels fairly heavy. The higher lumen models also increase in weight up to 250g (XR6000) ie they’re all fairly similar although the XR6000 also has a separate battery pack option adding further weight.

Waterproofing is IPX8 to 2m. IE you won’t go swimming with it but it’s designed for extreme weather and extreme cycling conditions.

  • White LED: 2
  • Battery: 5200 mAh/3.7v rechargeable
  • As a charger: Ravemen does not state if the PR1400 can act as a fast-charging charger. Elsewhere it does state that other lights support 18w fast-charging, so I assume not.

Ravemen PR1400 Light Modes PERFORMANCE



Compatibility and Fitting

Officially the PR1400’s mount is only compatible with round handlebars (31.8mm to 35mm dia).

However, it CAN be mounted upside down on the AUB01 mount with a GoPro mount. I’ve done that but this reverses the effects of the short/long lenses and is not recommended by Ravemen. It WILL reduce performance and distance characteristics.


Getting the AUB01 mount to fit my bike was a bit of a nightmare to get all the correct non-Ravemen bits. How easy it is for you will depend on your exact mounting options. If you have regular round handlebars and want to mount the light there all will be good for you with the supplied mount.

The remote control cable is about 30cm, long enough to go from the stem to the shifters on my road bike. You’ll need to fasten them to your bars with the 2mm band supplied or two zip ties. Bar tape by itself won’t be enough to hold it in place.

Charging Other Devices

As you can see in the following images, my solar battery pack charges the Ravement and the Ravemen can also charge my Hammerhead Karoo 3. The Karoo increased its charge by 1% every 2-3 minutes using Ravemen PR1400.



Ravemen PR1400 Review Take Out

A great road light for safe, extended usage on the darkest of roads. Off-road and more ‘pro’ uses should consider one of Ravemen’s slightly higher-spec models but this model’s spec is all that most people, including me, need.

I prefer a less heavy light that lasts twice as long (wouldn’t we all!)…but the realities of battery size and battery chemistry don’t allow those alternatives.

I like the remote control, it works well but I can’t see myself using it much. You might.


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