Zwift >>> MyWhoosh – Transfer your achievements between platforms

Zwift >>> MyWhoosh – Transfer your achievements between platforms

Ignoring the social side of things, I reckon MyWhoosh is more than good enough a platform for casual to semi-serious virtual cyclists. The big difference is that it’s free.

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That said, another drawback stopping many from switching must be the loss of your achievements on Zwift. On MyWhoosh you’ll have to start again and cycle lots of miles to get from Level Zero to Level 50 hero. that’s a disincentive for some but I saw it as a nice way to feel good about a few weeks of indoor cycling.

I mentioned in my review of MyWhoosh that it would be handy if the platform allowed users to copy their achievements from Zwift. Well, it looks like someone was listening or, more likely, already had that planned. Verified riders can now transfer their level, distance, elevation gain and level-based rewards to MyWhoosh coins. It’s similar to a trade-in deal.

Other important changes include two new worlds and a new tech feature that aids the recovery of lost rides from, for example, a network dropout.

I’ve only used the MAC version (which has been extremely reliable) but I am aware of quite significant issues on other platforms and historical ones. The last release from Mywhoosh and this one continue to address those issues though I’m not sure what exactly has been improved in real-usage terms other than what the company states, see below.

Here are the key changes

Key Changes in MyWhoosh 3.7.0 Update

New Worlds

  1. California (USA):
    • Total distance: 59.84km.
    • Features: Cities, tropical, subtropical, dense forests, deserts.
    • Routes: Climb routes, rolling hills, flat city circuits.
    • Locations: Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Mount Umunhum, Golden Gate, Hawk Hills.
    • Activities: Three sprints, five climbs.
  2. Hudayriat Island (UAE):
    • Routes for all levels, including real routes based on exact GPX data, fictional dust track, climb, and velodrome.
    • Location: Abu Dhabi’s Hudayriat sports island.

Technical Enhancements

  1. VOD and Live Coaching Support for Apple TV:
    • Enjoy coach-led workouts on Apple TV.
  2. Data Recovery System:
    • Temporary server storage for ride data to restore or discard in case of unexpected crashes and connection drops.
  3. Offline Mode:
    • Game shifts into offline mode during internet connection drops.
    • Continuation of ride progress with all gameplay features except multiplayer elements.
  4. Game State Recovery:
    • Quick repositioning of riders back into the event after a server crash within 30 seconds.

Engaging Features

  1. MyBunch 24 x 7:
    • Choose pace groups of bot riders predefined by watts/kg and speed.
    • Teleport directly to the group with a 60-second power assist buffer.
  2. In-App Purchases:
    • Power Gem bundles are available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Apple TV.
    • Use bundles to purchase coins and garage items.
    • Featured gear from brands like VanRysel, Velokics, BMC, Scicon, Swiss Side, etc.
  3. Sponsored Jersey for Events:
    • Custom jerseys are available for clubs, teams, or communities participating in community rides.
  4. Chase Race:
    • Premium race event where riders compete against others of similar abilities with staggered starts.
    • Open to all levels.
  5. Data Migration:
    • Transfer profile rating and player level from other indoor cycling platforms to MyWhoosh.
    • Verification of data allows reflection of level, distance, level rewards (converted to MyWhoosh coins), and elevation gain on your MyWhoosh profile.


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