9 Simple Purchases That can Improve Your Sleep

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9 Simple Purchases That can Improve Your Sleep


When was the last time you woke up feeling rested and refreshed?


Sadly, most adults can’t remember the last time they enjoyed a good night’s sleep. The reasons vary from sleep disorders to fatigue, and can even have roots in health issues (physical or mental). Still, according to recent statistics, over 35% of the adult US population can’t rest properly.


Luckily, as long as you don’t suffer from a medical condition, there are various tricks and tools you can use to improve sleep quality and enjoy more of those days when you’re up and ready to take on the world.


Therefore, in this piece, we will discuss the best tools to have when you’re sleeping poorly.

#1: Protection Glasses

We live surrounded by screens and electronics that emit artificial blue light. Moreover, the modern human being is exposed to several such devices throughout the day, which increases the digital eye strain and fatigue induced by this lifestyle.


Therefore, to avoid damaging your eyes and stop the damaging effect of blue light exposure on your sleep, it’s best to use protective eyewear, like the photophobia glasses developed by Axon Optics (these protect you against light sensitivity, which can be induced by blue light exposure)

#3: Blackout Curtains

Sunlight is amazing during the day, but it can be disturbing in the morning, especially during summer, when the sun rises quite early. Also, if you live in the city or have neighbours who love a well-lit garden or front porch, your sleep will be disturbed by artificial light as well.


All these can be solved with a set of blackout curtains that block out any light source when closed. Of course, if you don’t want to make your bedroom pitch black, there are blackout curtains that only block about 90% to 95% of the light. Still, for restorative sleep, you need it to be dark and a bit cold in the room. Blackout curtains take care of both light and temperature since they don’t allow sunrays inside until you wake up.

#4: An Eye Mask

If blackout curtains are not an option, you may want to invest in a reliable eye mask. For instance, a satin or silk model will be gentle with your skin and will allow you to enter the world of dreams the moment your head hits the pillow.

Additionally, an eye mask can be useful in a wide range of scenarios and you can take it along while travelling. And it looks cool!

#5: A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets may seem like the new trendy thing to have, but there is real, scientific research behind this product. As it turns out, this type of blanket has the ability to limit the movements we make during sleep, which means fewer interruptions and improved sleep quality.


Additionally, there are some studies that found weighted blankets can help reduce anxiety and calm down a nervous mind. So, if you find yourself dissecting scenarios until late in the night, the blanket may help with this aspect as well.


Overall, it may take a few days to get used to the heft of the blanket, but it’s best to stick with it to reap all the benefits. We promise that, once you get used to the weight, it will feel like a warm hug designed to keep you safe from the world.


Quick note: if you like the weighted blanket you may also want to try a weighted comforter or a weighted eye mask.

#6: The Right Mattress

The mattress is one of the surfaces that has a direct influence on your sleep quality, which is why it needs to respond to your needs and the ones of your partner (if this is the case). Luckily, the offer is extremely diverse nowadays and most producers invest in research in an effort to find new materials and methods to build the ideal bed.


Even more, you can now buy mattresses with built-in modern technologies that track your sleep pattern and adjust the sleeping conditions (firmness, temperature, and motion transfer) to fit your current needs.


Lastly, you can also invest in an adjustable bed frame and mattress, which can come in handy if you spend a lot of time in bed (working, resting, or recovering).

#7: Essential Oils

Whether you choose to use them with a diffuser (as part of an aromatherapy session) or you simply spritz a diluted solution on your pillow and sheets, essential oils can have an amazingly positive influence on your sleep quality.


Most people like lavender or lemongrass, but you can choose from a wide range of flavours. The secret is to find the aroma that calms your senses and transports you to a land of dreams and fantasy.


Quick tip: Start with low concentrated solutions and work your way up to a stronger aroma. Essential oils are quite strong and can be off-putting in high concentrations.

#8: Invest in Gadgets

Sleep trackers, noise-cancelling headphones, or wake-up lights that wake you up based on your natural sleep rhythm are only a few of the gadgets that help keep insomnia away. Therefore, if you find yourself troubled by sleepless nights, why not take advantage of modern technologies and test a few gadgets?


You may not find them all useful, but some will definitely help improve your sleep.

#9: Fluffy PJs and Linens

Just like the mattress, the pyjamas and linens are always right by our side when we sleep (so to speak). So why not look for the ones that make you feel comfortable and happy?


Also, a fluffy bathrobe is just the right thing to have on your skin after enjoying your end-of-the-work-day shower!

Wrap Up

In summary, the best way to improve sleep quality is by identifying and eliminating the stress-inducing factors in and around your bedroom and adding factors that make you feel comfortable and safe.


While we only listed some of the best products one can use, there are others that can help with your sleep. Still, make sure to do your research for each purchase, to understand the real features of a product. Otherwise, you may have too high expectations and end up being disappointed.

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