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Thinking of one of these?

We are all keen to get the right device for our sporting needs. It’s a complex world of gadgets out there and it takes time to do all the research thoroughly.

This is a service to help you choose the right device.

Sure you can look at tables that compare product features but do those features actually work? Your Garmin Fenix 5X might well record GPS every second but is it recording GPS-garbage or GPS-brilliance? Your Samsung Gear band may well look nice and record optical heart rate but do the figures mean anything when you are in a class, lifting weights or riding your bike? Your intended power meter looks super-accurate but will your elliptical chainrings make it INaccurate?

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Or maybe one of these? Or the Powertap P1s


I am happy to enter into an email discussion to narrow down your choices.

I have previously helped people through email exchanges and sometimes through comments on product reviews. But it became clear that people were taking the advice and then either not buying through my partner links OR living in countries where my partners did not operate. Whilst I love to help people with their gadget choices and will continue to do so, my time is limited. So please DO keep asking the single, short and well-focussed questions on the comments of the product reviews and me, or some other kind person, will help. BUT if you would like a detailed exchange to discuss lots of points then please use the following service.



FOR: Items under £/$/Eu400 – Let’s exchange 3 or 4 emails to answer your questions on a particular product or a particular need you have eg parkrun training. The cost of that service is GBP£6.99.



FOR: Power Meters and Items over £/$/Eu400 – Let’s exchange 4 or 5 emails to answer your questions on a particular product or a particular need you have eg power meter pedals. The cost of that service is GBP£10.99. Often IN THE UK I will be able to direct you to a power meter deal where you would save AT LEAST 10%, so this service pays for itself.


Don’t forget to PAYPAL Checkout – REQUIRED – no discussion otherwise!


  1. We could explore one particular product; OR
  2. We could explore the options for A TECHNOLOGY ITEM your training eg TRAINING FOR A SPRINT TRI; OR
  3. We could look at upgrade options; NOTE
  4. This service specifically excludes: bike frames; complete bikes; running shoes; general sports clothing.
  5. This service is best-focussed on: cycling computers; accessories such as heart rate monitors; training software; running watches; triathlon/duathlon watches; power meters; that kind of thing.
  6. Please transfer the correct funds in GBP. I refund other currencies.
  7. If I really can’t help, I WILL say so straight away and refund the money. I don’t need £6.99 that badly 😉