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This affiliate disclosure details affiliate relationships that has with other companies and products mentioned on this blog. is a review site that is paid for by advertising & by commission from the companies whose products we review and/or resellers of those products. evaluates each product thoroughly and gives opinions and marks fairly. is independently owned and the opinions expressed here are their own.

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PR Companies

Every single reviewer of new-to-market products gets products from PR companies. Every one of them. Me included. I do not consider these products my property, I do not resell them and either return them or keep them for future photo imagery and content, which is free advertising for the manufacturer.

I buy all the gear for my personal triathlon endeavours out of my own money. For example, I have zero relationships with Garmin & Apple even though their products are the subject of significant amounts of content on this site. I don’t even get press releases from them. I’m just a customer, like you. There is NO WAY those companies can influence the content here.


All adverts are currently either directly from Amazon, Google AdSense or via a 3rd party ad broker called Monumetric. I prefer the manufacturers and resellers of the products I cover NOT to advertise on this site, a small number will slip through the net. Generally speaking, I exclude them in Google AdSense and I restrict adverts from appearing alongside product reviews. (10 Dec 2020)

Paid Posts

It is UNLIKELY that any review you read on will have been paid for by the manufacturer. If that scenario ever happens then it will be disclosed in the review.

Here is an example of some of the work I do behind the scenes to maintain the site, there are a vast amount of multi-faceted tasks required to keep this site running.

I’m in this for the long haul. My relationship with readers is vital for that to work. I make mistakes but I try my best not to, I hope you count me as ‘one of the good guys’ in the review industry.

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