Up to 40% off selected 4iiii Power Meters

Powermetercity.com (based in USA) are offering up to 40% off select power meters, including both the PRECISION (CR 2032 battery) and Podium (rechargeable) models. Plus free shipping on most models! While supplies last. Compatible with Shimano Hollowtech II cranksets only.   Click for 4iii discounted products Code: the5krunner10 will only give 10% discount on non-sale…

Garmin Edge 820

Garmin Edge 820 Price Crash

That’s a rather dramatic headline but true. It looks like Amazon UK are clearing out stock of the Edge 820 as the replacement Garmin Edge 830 will hit the shelves in the next 10 weeks. That means that UK pricing of the Edge 820 is now at an all-time Amazon low of GBP141. Prices in…

Apple Beddit Review v3.5 - Withings SLEEP Review

20% off Withings Sleep

Here is a 20% off Sleep Tracking Mat with code SLEEP-20 at Withings! (offer ends March 31st). If you are looking at sleep tracking for the first time using non-watch-based tech then Withings SLEEP is a LOW COST  route in for a pretty good product with a pretty good app. Withings SLEEP Review vs Apple…

$317.99 :: Stages Gen 3 – Shimano 105, 5800

This is one of the best, quickest and cheapest ways to start cycling with power. You can easily install the crank, with little more than just having to tighten two bolts. A single-side crank is relatively easily moved between bikes and would probably take about the same time as swapping over two pedals and with…


SHFT – 20% Off Running Coach SHFT

There’s a cool 20% off the running coach SHFT. It’s a dual-footpod based system to gather your gait metrics and present findings back in real-time via their app. The main differentiator of SHFT is that it coaches you and tells you what to do about problems it identifies in your running technique. Code: THE5KRUNNER20 RRP:…

Motiv Ring Review

Motiv Ring – Flash Sale, Ends 2018

There is a $20 discount off the Motiv Fitness Ring until the end of the year. Check out the review further below or the following link gives you the FAREWELL2018 $20 Motiv Ring promotional code. Flash Sale! $20 Off Motiv Rings with code FAREWELL2018. Ends 12/31. Motiv Ring prides itself on being a tracker of…

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Cheapest Assioma, 20% RunScribe, cheap Wahoo, Motiv Ring Discount $30, Garmin $150, Suunto 40% off, PowerPod 40%, COROS 20% Off,

Lots of endurance tech-related sales are listed below, new ones are added to the top as they appear. Headline amount is shown, obviously strings are always attached, some are time-limited, some are stock-limited.   Favero Assioma – Lowest Ever (Eu)   Favero have just announced these permanent discounts. They will through to partners stores by…

Compressport R2 Calf Guard Review

CompresSport 40% off

I had this ‘special, private’ offer of 40% off CompresSport mailed to my non-the5krunner email today. https://www.compressport.com/eshop/120-utmb?noflag=1&utm_source=sendinblue&utm_campaign=CSI__Private_Sale__2018&utm_medium=email You might have to persevere with the link as it often fails as the ‘maximum number of connections’ are already exceeded…supposedly, as shown below. Anyway, it does eventually work and does give you some genuine pre-Black Friday reductions…

Velocomp Aeropod

Stages + AeroPod :: 20% Off Power Meters @ PowerMeterCity

There is a whopping 20% off STAGES and VELOCOMP AEROPOD now at PowerMeterCity. Stages Code: STAGES@PMC-20 ….20%off  eg Stages Shimano DURA-ACE 9100 Gen2 @20%off = $399 AeroPod Code: Automatically Applied …20%off = $399 Exclusions: Stages Shimano Ultegra 6800 Power Meter – 165 mm already on closeout @$399 So, for $399 you can get a decent…

Sungod Revolt Review Discount Coupon Code Rebate Competition

SunGod Revolts – Discount & Final Pre-Orders

Winter 2017/18 SunGod Revolts sold out some time ago. Sungod Revolts are now available on pre-order for your Winter 2018/19 snowboarding and skiing exploits. Despatch starts in early-mid November2018 There’s a lifetime guarantee. You have great lenses and are buying directly from the manufacturer. Other features: No goggle gap to just about all helmets Lightweight,…

Edge 520

Garmin Edge 520 – all time low – time to buy

The price of the Edge 520 has just plummeted on Amazon.co.uk and is also $70 off the Amazon.cm price. As you can see below, the price has never before been this low on Amazon.co.uk. The link below clicks through to your local Amazon store…hopefully the same kind of deal is global

Polar Vantage Shipping NOW – USA

Some units were sent TODAY to PowerMeterCity in the USA from Polar, and the rest should be sent tomorrow for despatch in October. Those of you who ordered with the discount code THE5KRUNNER10 will get yours shipped first. I’ll update this with the situation in the UK when I get the info. There’s plenty more…

Coros Pace Review M1 Multisport

COROS Pace Giveaway

The nice people at COROS are giving away one of their super triathlon COROS Pace watches This competition is NOT run by me but please do enter on their Instagram page Link to competition (here) on Instagram.com. More info about the watch is below in my review Coros Pace Review