Rant: Apple Watch 7 not posh enough, let’s fix that – bands, gadgets, chargers

A bit of a Rant at Apple & Life and then getting an Apple Watch and…

Bryton Rider S500 – performance cycle computer £259 !

Is this a world's first for bike computers?

Peloton – Please just put it up for sale NOW

"Sell Peloton" - cries Blackwells Capital,

new Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 SmartWatch

Reebok ActiveFit 1.0 - It's no Apple Watch 7 but it's considerably cheaper.

Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE – Second Leak

Garmin Forerunner 955 LTE Bundle ?

Wahoo Kickr Core Review with Wahoo SYSTM

Wahoo Kickr Core is one of the very best, mid-priced smart indoor 'turbo' trainers. It meets…

Fenix 7- this is the end

Fenix will have sales cannibalised but will remain a significant revenue-earner.

Suunto 5 Peak Review ⛰️ Is it Any Good?

Suunto 5 Peak Review - this small format adventure/multisport watch is keenly priced and feature-packed. Definitely…

Coros – 2022 Feature Insights – Another World First

Coros beat Garmin once again 3-0

Hammerhead: Sold 💲 SRAM: Buys

SRAM has something bigger and more Wahoo-like in mind for what it can do with Hammerhead

Polar Grit X v2.0 – Feature Boost incoming today from updated firmware

Polar Grit X gets v2.0 Feature Boost

Stop 🛑 Before You Buy – the Garmin Fenix 7 – think Sapphire

bear in mind that the Sapphire model has different features: