Strava’s 2024 changes in a nutshell – no waffle

That's a nice chunk of features. well done Strava.

BODY SHOCK – an innovative running metric from fourth frontier x2

BODY SHOCK - an innovative running metric from fourth frontier x2

Polar now Supports 3rd Party Electronic Payments (POLL)

Polar partners with FIDESMO to support NFC card payments via your watch strap.

[2024] Karoo 3 Review ❌14 cons ❌, ✔️14 Pros✔️ Hammerhead’s Third Generation GPS Bike Computer

Karoo 3 Review, Hammerhead's third Generation bike computer offers WAY better EXPERIENCE than any Garmin plus…

[2024] Eight Sleep Pod 4 – First Thoughts – Now Silent, Stops Snoring

Eight Sleep Pod 4, get a triple discount on the ULTRA model and a double discount…

Zwift Price Hike – all the details PLUS a FREE Alternative

the company runs a real risk of losing non-core Zwifter to upstarts like MyWhoosh.

new Polar 360 – A Complete Wearable Platform? a Whoop competitor?

This is an excellent move by Polar, perhaps to be expected as...

Peloton cut staff – ENVE Sold – Rapha Retrenches

On a positive note, Colnago's sales have tripled

27% : WearOS Growth Figure Points To the End Game for smart watches – plus a new tech trend is highlighted

I've held the opinion for several years now that the end game is...

Garmin Growth Continues – Q1.2024 results show surge in EMEA and FITNESS

Garmin continues to buck the recessionary elements in global markets.

Ravemen FR160 Review – front, awareness, bike light with a twist [FR300]

Ravemen FR160, A Review of a great light to boost awareness whilst attaching in a clever…

new Zwift Features – H2.2024

Very welcomed, non-trivial improvements.