watchOS 10 – a surprisingly good mixture of PRO and TRIVIAL sports features

Power Meters, POI support and complex structured workouts from Training Peaks - what's not to like?

Apple’s AI, watchOS, and the Anticipated Launch of Mixed-Reality Headset at WWDC: A Game-Changer in the Making?

Sports awesomeness will be lacking at WWDC unless VR/ML jumps in there. Apple Watch owners WILL…

Garmin Struggle For Watch Market Share on iOS

Garmin only has a 7% Share of iOS: On one level, that stat is alarming for…

Ergatta Rower links to Apple Watch

Apple Watch connects with the rower via Bluetooth with just a tap before workouts.

Apple adds Walking Power to Outdoor Ultra Runs

Other material problems for Ultra athletes planning to use the Watch Ultra include the lack of…

watchGPT added to Apple Watch Store

new Watch app called watchGPT from Apple's app store

2023: new Garmin, Polar, Suunto, Apple, Fitbit, Wahoo and Coros watches/bike computers. What will they be for 2023?

2023's new sports watches will be...

Garmin global share falls 5% points, Apple rises (again)

To put it another way, Garmin's mid-tier business is up for grabs to a savvy competitor.

UK gets Apple Watch TRACK Mode

Apple has expanded its Apple Watch running track mode to more countries, including Australia, Canada, Germany,…

Bankrupt: Rockley Photonics [2023.1.23]

The company tried to stop haemorrhaging cash by cutting operational spending and staff and the CEO…

Apple looking to boost HRV features

where Apple need to go next with HRV-related features on the Apple Watch.

14 new (Ridiculous) Apple Watch Sports Profiles

Does this signal Apple's nefarious intent to secretly release the minutiae of our daily movements and…