DFA Alpha 1 (DFA a1): new training threshold discovery method via HRV

Reading Time: 5 minutes DFA Alpha 1 - new threshold discovery method with HRV

Garmin ENDURO – What’s Rubbish So Far

Reading Time: 6 minutes This stuff will all get fixed but I have to say for…

Garmin Fenix 7 | Garmin reveals its hand

Reading Time: 10 minutes Supporter-only insights: Fenix 7 dates and likely features.

$1bn Profit | Garmin Reports 2020 Earnings

Reading Time: 2 minutes Garmin has just recently reported excellent figures covering the Christmas period

Garmin Enduro – first thoughts & opinion | Ultra & Trail Specific

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Garmin Enduro Video Emerges – “Lightweight UltraPerformance” Watch

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Another Garmin Global GPS #Fail

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Garmin Battery Woes Continue to spread

Reading Time: 4 minutes Garmin Battery Woes Continue to spread

Garmin | PowerDot Cool LinkUp

Reading Time: 3 minutes PowerDot now links to Garmin Connect and automatically notifies you on your…

new VO2max Features For Fenix & Forerunners … and Enduro

Reading Time: 2 minutes I was trying to keep my powder dry on the new features…

Garmin Kills PAI Support

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Garmin turns off PAI Support If I recall, PAI was invented…

Garmin Lily – it’s the January-Garmin you WEREN’T waiting for

Reading Time: 3 minutes Garmin Lily...it's a watch. It's smart and, well, it's not that interesting.…

Garmin introduces ridiculous Badge | Interesting Implications

Reading Time: < 1 minute EIGHTY HOURS of running....in a month. ONE month. Jeez. We all…

new Garmin 945/745 Feature signals ‘more to follow’ |Forerunners, Fenix too possibly

Reading Time: 2 minutes New feature for the Forerunner 945 perhaps signal the same feature on…

Garmin 305 – Retro GPS Test Results Are In – Were The Glory-Days Glorious? Or Rose Tinted?

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Firstbeat on Garmin Fenix 7 in 2021 | What is the Next Metric?

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Garmin Acquires GEOS | Fenix 7/7+ features could be impacted

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Fix | Garmin Watches – Global GPS Errors | Fix

Reading Time: 2 minutes Garmin speedily sorts out the GPS errors from 1Jan and 2Jan

Garmin Anti-Predictions – What WON’T happen in 2021

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are MANY SENSIBLE products Garmin could release in 2021 in the…

Garmin Watches – Global GPS Errors | Sony the Culprit?

Reading Time: 4 minutes Significant GPS errors...Is Garmin really to blame? I think not.