Garmin Edge 1050 – What We Know so Far

the GroupRide chart metrics look VERY EXCITING to me, with Garmin once again offering a feature…

Edge 1050 Gets New ‘button slider’ thingy

a thin physical area that is either touch-sensitive or responds mechanically to pressure

Garmin Edge 1050 – First Photo

FUGLY Alert; new Garmin Edge 1050?

Garmin benefitted as YouTube Music added

Download the CIQ app, connect the YouTube Music SUBSCRIPTION service and off you go.

Garmin AMOLED Watch Faces – Finally Some Worthy contenders

One of my gripes about Garmin's AMOLED screens is that the company hasn't delivered many of…

Garmin Pin-Drop Navigation – How this useful feature works

This is a nice feature but not implemented as well as it could be.

Garmin to introduce crowd-sourced Ride Hazard Reporting

This is perhaps the least exciting post of mine of the year. Definitely don't read it

enhancedGarmin GroupRide Feature Inbound

new GroupRide feature inbound with awards, leaderboards, performance stats and climbs

Garmin Edge 1050 Confirmed – FINALLY !!!

It's coming...

Garmin calls me Elite – misleading or motivating?

I also had 5 beers at the weekend along with the 200 miles of cycling...elite athletes…

Garmin Growth Continues – Q1.2024 results show surge in EMEA and FITNESS

Garmin continues to buck the recessionary elements in global markets.

Do you love the new Garmin Connect v5?

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