Garmin Edge GoPro Control Coming Soon – Natively and via Connect IQ

GoPro control should be possible...and it is.

Garmin Edge 1040/840/540 – Quarterly Firmware Update – Only one new feature of note

Only one new feature of note

are in-app ads fair in Garmin Connect – opinion

I don't mind the occasional ad for Garmin products. Do you?

new Garmin Features – Q2 Firmware Updates Drop for Fenix/965/265, implications for Fenix 8

A speculative guess based on reading my tea leaves would be for the Fenix 8 LTE…

dcrainmaker heads off to Madeira for a hike with what? an Enduro, Instinct or Fenix 8?

I still reckon it's the Instinct 3

Garmin FCC Filings 2024 – new product hints

Expect to see a new Garmin (or two) announced on Tuesday 9 April.

Garmin to add new NAP MANAGEMENT features soon

Garmin is adding the ability to tinker with naps.

How We Sleep With Garmin – World Sleep Day

the Dutch are the best sleepers in the world, the Brits are catching up

Next Gen Garmin GPS Bike Computers Might Have These Features

Garmin HAS to innovate to survive. Perhaps all the easy innovation has now mostly been done,…

new, undocumented Garmin Heart Rate Feature (now silently live, at least in beta)

new heart rate feature now silently live, at least in beta

Garmin Connect IQ Store – Payment Mechanism Still On Track

Payment Mechanism Still On Track

new Garmin HRM Inbound? – rumour/minor leak

Q: what Do I think it is? A: A high-end oHR armband coming in at $180.