Another Garmin Global GPS #Fail

Garmin Watches - Global GPS Errors AGAIN

Garmin Battery Woes Continue to spread

Garmin Battery Woes Continue to spread

Garmin | PowerDot Cool LinkUp

PowerDot now links to Garmin Connect and automatically notifies you on your smartphone that it has…

new VO2max Features For Fenix & Forerunners … and Enduro

I was trying to keep my powder dry on the new features that will appear in…

Garmin Kills PAI Support

  Garmin turns off PAI Support If I recall, PAI was invented by the owners of…

Garmin Lily – it’s the January-Garmin you WEREN’T waiting for

Garmin's a watch. It's smart and, well, it's not that interesting. I summarised it in…

Garmin introduces ridiculous Badge | Interesting Implications

EIGHTY HOURS of a month. ONE month. Jeez. We all love running but that's HARD.

new Garmin 945/745 Feature signals ‘more to follow’ |Forerunners, Fenix too possibly

New feature for the Forerunner 945 perhaps signal the same feature on other Garmin watches

Garmin 305 – Retro GPS Test Results Are In – Were The Glory-Days Glorious? Or Rose Tinted?

Honestly folks, here's proof that the Forerunner 305 wasn't as accurate as we all thought it…

Firstbeat on Garmin Fenix 7 in 2021 | What is the Next Metric?

where will Garmin take Firstbeat in 2021 and beyond with the next generation of Fenix 7…

Garmin Acquires GEOS | Fenix 7/7+ features could be impacted

Garmin Acquires GEOS and this might herald new services for your Fenix 7 later in 2021

Fix | Garmin Watches – Global GPS Errors | Fix

Garmin speedily sorts out the GPS errors from 1Jan and 2Jan

Garmin Anti-Predictions – What WON’T happen in 2021

There are MANY SENSIBLE products Garmin could release in 2021 in the health, sport and fitness…

Garmin Watches – Global GPS Errors | Sony the Culprit?

Significant GPS errors...Is Garmin really to blame? I think not.

April 2021: Sports Watch Update: All new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumors + replacement dates for Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Samsung, Fitbit

Big updates to MANY sports and fitness devices to hit the shelves in September 2020, October…

How to setup your new Garmin | Tips & Tricks for newbie Garmin GPS owners

How to setup your new Garmin | Tips & Tricks for newbie Garmin GPS owners wanting…

My Top Stories in 2020

Top Stories in 2020 This Top 5 is based on the traffic on my site The…

Garmin CIQ Apps- Payment Required – New Notification

Garmin CIQ Apps- Payment Required Notices are now needed

LIVE | Garmin Fenix firmware goodies – SURPRISING/INTERESTING additions including PM5

multi-zone power support, PM5 support, GPS improvements, and LOTS more smaller improvements including new CIQ support

Lumen Review * RUBBISH or RADICAL * ?

2021 update to my 6-month Lumen Review, latest metabolic info for fat+carb tracking an insights into…