Trek CARBACK Smart Rear Radar Tail Light Opinion

the features and performance needed at that price point are lacking

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Polar Grit X2 PRO is a great sports watch but faces stiff competition from Garmin, Suunto,…

Wahoo KICKR RUN | smart treadmill | opinion

we have a genuinely novel product here and it's novel in more than one respect.

new Wahoo For January 2024 – what to expect?

I like the idea of Group Radr, 3rd party connectivity and 'something to do with digitised…

Fourth Frontier X2 – First Runs Results

Fourth Frontier X2 first runs: 25% plus Discount & Coupon, ECG Heart Rate Strap

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The latest info from indicates the existence of HRM-FIT in...

I wore adidas Adizero Prime X 2.0 running Shoes for parkrun, here’s what happened

They certainly didn't make me slower.

Garmin Sleep Coach – An Explainer

I challenge Garmin and the wider wellness industry to say why these opinions are wrong.

Wahoo and Zwift settle patent suit

There will be a 'winner' but we might not get to officially know who it is.

Garmin Venu 3 first look review

An undoubtedly good watch has become even better. However, I find it hard to justify at…

Ironman Ireland Deaths: Ironman Waiver Excludes Liability for death from negligence

It seems that Ironman hasn't got a leg to stand on if they try to exclude…

Ironman Blames Triathlon Ireland & Cork Council Blames Ironman

Ironman Group was not told about the removal of sanctioning until after the race started.