Ravemen PR1400 Review – Headight or Garmin/Wahoo charger – very bright [PR1400, PR2000, PR2400]

Ravemen PR1400 Review a highly compenet light for road cyclist and decent for off-road, also charges…

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Review – the 5 cons❌ and 5 pros✔️

Wahoo KICKR MOVE Review - a piece of excellent quality kit offering the most comfortable indoor…

ASSOS X WHOOP: Butt-measured HR on Whoop-branded, ASSOSS UMA GT C2 cycling bib shorts

Cycling's first tech bib shorts but I was more interested in measuring HR on my butt.…

Hammerhead Karoo 3 – Features and fixes May 2023 – key facts, no waffle

Karoo 3 was that routes were not invisibly synced from, say, RwGPS to the device.

[Photo Leak] Coros Dura – Bike Computer – Coming june 2024

a very interesting move by Coros

Luna Oculus – Cycling’s Latest RearView Camera and Proximity Alert with a novel twist

anyone wearing lycra will probably have one of the Garmin/Magene/Bryton alternatives that integrate with bike computers.

£30 off Karoo 3

Hammerhead Karoo 3 - £30 off

Garmin Pin-Drop Navigation – How this useful feature works

This is a nice feature but not implemented as well as it could be.

Garmin to introduce crowd-sourced Ride Hazard Reporting

This is perhaps the least exciting post of mine of the year. Definitely don't read it

enhancedGarmin GroupRide Feature Inbound

new GroupRide feature inbound with awards, leaderboards, performance stats and climbs

CORE Body Temp adds dynamic temperature training zones

CORE's Heat Zones are an interesting resource for athletes and coaches seeking to optimize performance in…

Garmin Edge 1050 Confirmed – FINALLY !!!

It's coming...