STRAVA Live Segments – Edge 1030 Plus vs STRAVA’s own app

Reading Time: 3 minutes Live Segments – STRAVA app Visuals disappoint, Garmin delivers a tidy feature…

GarminPocalypse 2: Garmin Connect to STRAVA – nada is happening

Reading Time: < 1 minute GarminPocalypse – Garmin Connect to STRAVA flatlines Reports via Cycling Weekly…

STRAVA 333 Challenge – COMPETITION Dura-Ace Di2 groupset plus R9100p Power MEter

Reading Time: 2 minutes STRAVA 333 Challenge- Win Shimano Di2 Dura-Ace GroupSet+9100p Power Meter

STRAVA Top Segments Announced – for Local Legends Run/Bike/UK (USA to follow)

Reading Time: 7 minutes STRAVA local legends are now live and you can see if there…

GPS Watch Accuracy: peer reviewed University Study says V800 best

Reading Time: 8 minutes Polar V800 beats the Garmin Fenix once again - or does it?

Wandr vs. STRAVA Legends plus live date for STRAVA Legends USA & Europe

Reading Time: 2 minutes Coming soon to a hill near you - STRAVA Legends release date…


Reading Time: 3 minutes WHOOP adds a clever and sweet link back to STRAVA by pushing…

Garmin acquires Firstbeat : Strava next?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Garmin today acquired the supplier of their physiology metrics -Firstbeat. Their relationship…

STRAVA *Free* – Fit for purpose in 2021?

Reading Time: 6 minutes What will stop you giving STRAVA your data?

new STRAVA Local Legends – Segments, Jim, but not as we know them

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STRAVA *Removes* GAP Feature for free users

Reading Time: 2 minutes Another STRAVA Feature bites the dust

STRAVA Turns Off Key Features – Welcome to the paywall

Reading Time: 6 minutes Methinks the direction of travel is towards LESS features unless you PAY…

Garmin’s new Strava Route Sync – Komoot too

Reading Time: 5 minutes Routable Garmin devices can now seamlessy sync routes from STRAVA and KOMOOT

new : STRAVA Gets FTP History

Reading Time: 2 minutes Has your FTP ever changes? Doh ! Well now premium STRAVA users…

STRAVA Live Segments – Hammerhead Karoo vs Garmin vs Polar vs Wahoo vs Polar vs Sigma

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STRAVA Live Segments – Best Ever Implementation? Hammerhead Karoo

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Polar Vantage V & V650 get KOMOOT Support

Reading Time: 2 minutes Polar Vantage supports route synchronisation from KOMOOT but not TBT

new STRAVA Weather Service vs. Klimat Strava add-in

Reading Time: 3 minutes Let's compare STRAVA's 'new' weather service to the STRAVA plugin from

new STRAVA Heatmap-Driven Routes | Major Feature

Reading Time: 5 minutes Great new personalised, round-trips from STRAVA's heatmap

STRAVA Running POWER Support Strongly Hinted At

Reading Time: 2 minutes STRAVA to introduce running power very soon?