new Strava Upload limit – #annoying

The new limit appears to be a maximum of 15 per day.

London Marathon | Strava Insights Available

Practice and Execute Correct Fuelling

Strava Updates Heatmaps – Gravel and Mountain Bike now included

everyone in the SW on England probably knows those two MTB locations but the same data…

Strava Best Efforts – A Great New Subscriber Feature

Strava's Cycling Subscriber get great new ways to see breakthrough performances and best efforts

Strava gets Oura Stickers

Create a sticker in Oura and share it to Strava

Will Strava have to delete segments where speed limits are routinely exceeded?

this could be big news for Strava-corporate.

Garmin Edge 530 overtaken by Wahoo bolt in Strava Uploads [USA, official figures]

In the world's largest and most lucrative market, Wahoo has taken the lead in cycling

Strava – new CEO appointed

Strava gets highly credible, new CEO

new Strava Messaging – Completely Pointless

Rather it's "mostly useless" as of today.

Strava add Custom WAYPOINTS in route sync to Garmin

This is a sometimes useful feature that requires a little bit of effort to use even…

Strava – welcome expansion to BEST EFFORTS

I hope to get similar info for cycling - this is Strava, right? The cycling site?

Air Density – Now On Strava via Klimat

Air Density - Now On Strava via Klimat Weather