Wear OS5 – Finally Something

...that includes running metrics like Ground Contact Time...

27% : WearOS Growth Figure Points To the End Game for smart watches – plus a new tech trend is highlighted

I've held the opinion for several years now that the end game is...

new Garmin Connect v5.0 – now live

at the same time, it's a wasted opportunity. If only it looked great...

Zone3 Aeroforce-X II Review – premium aero tri-suit, short sleeve

Zone3 Aeroforce-X II Review, a premium aero tri-suit, short sleeve that will deliver free speed on…

Eight Sleep Mattress cover and HRV Sleep Pod – Big discount for EightSleep

8Sleep: Big discount for EightSleep

Avoid Zwift Dropouts – Tips & Tricks for a definitive solution

The 5 Points highlighted in bold are the ones most likely to easily fix the problem

Garmin FIT Files – welcomed improvements for 2023/4. Is there a downside?

Recent Changes might improve reliability but haven't been fully implemented across the industry

Garmin or Apple to buy Peloton in 2024?

Apple or Garmin? Which will acquire Peloton first in 2024?

💣 Bombshell 💣Fossil Quits Wear OS – Good news for Samsung? Defintiely good news for Apple. Garmin? #shrug

The stage is set for Apple vs Google/Samsung/Fitbit. Maybe Garmin will get a walk-on role

big Coros Feature Update Q1.2024

the live date for the new features is 1st February. Enjoy.

Garmin EDGE GNSS Accuracy gets a boost with NavIC

NavIC may offer more accurate navigation in those mountainous regions compared to other systems like Galileo,…

Garmin to introduce payments for apps in ConnectIQ in 2024

Paid for Garmin apps are coming soon