Supersapiens – now on Apple WATCH

This gets us to the brand new Apple WATCH app by Supersapiens

Garmin FTP – what is it? and why it’s probably not quite what you think it is

Garmin calculates FTP in a controlled test similarly to other companies. When automatically estimated from a…

Pre-Exercise Food Timing and Its Impact on Reactive Hypoglycemia – What it means for Supersapiens

The study might perhaps have been more useful if it highlighted the kinds of carbs to…

Suunto gets Muscle Oxygen with Train. Red Support

Suunto introduced the Suunto PLUS environment, which provides an easy avenue for companies like Train.Red to…

Power Imbalance – Garmin Cycling Dynamics Show I Corrected It – Here’s How

He didn't look at power imbalance and told me not to fiddle with the cleats nor…

What are Lumen levels?

Using a Lumen device throughout the day helps you gain significant insights into your metabolic flexibility.

Lumen STOPS the subscription model (kinda)

Lumen STOPS the subscription model

Eight Sleep – Scientific Validation of HRV & Smart Sleep Benefits -HRV boosted by 7%

HRV (+ 7%) significantly improved with Pod on

Athlete’s Sweaty Sleep – CURED

Eight Sleep is also used by many pro athletes, presumably to have a cooler bed to…

Garmin Training Readiness – Not Accurate – Here’s Why

the information above gives you an idea of why your Garmin readiness reading might be incorrect…

TdF Mountain Stages – HRV was 23.9ms lower – WHOOP

The mountain stages are unsurprisingly harder but pros cope with them better than you'd think

Garmin Training Status – a peek under the hood

All the details: Training Status is one of Garmin's more useful and highly popular physiological metrics.