Tigist Assefa wears adidas supershoes in Marathon record plus an old Garmin

widely reported that the shoes she was wearing were the adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 shoes

Gudaf Tsegay leaves Garmin in hotel : fails to break 14:00.00 for the 5000m

Ethiopia, Uganda...come on guys get your act together. Sort the tech. It's not difficult.

11,000 DQs – Mexico City Marathon aka Mexico Cheats’ Marathon

truly remarkable story from last week where 11,000 runners in the Mexico City Marathon were disqualified…

London Duathlon 2023 Race Results for Ultra, Full, Half & Relay events

London Duathlon 2023 Race Results

Triathlon Ireland Confirm Insurance WAS Valid for Ironman Ireland

Race Insurance WAS Valid for Ironman Ireland

Triathlon Ireland fully funds counselling service following deaths

available to TI members who participated in last Sunday’s race and their family members

Ironman Group in DEEP trouble as Triathlon Ireland denies sanctioning Ironman Ireland event where 2 died

it seems to be that Ironman is in deep trouble on multiple fronts and it's not…

new Athletics virtual hotseat, Q-Room and more.

Explained: Running Under Protest, Q Room, and Athlete Replacement Policy

Madeira Road Bike Trip + 48a Volta a Madeira

Road Bike Trip in Madeira with rental suggestions and some routes

London Duathlon – I just signed up

I've just signed up for the London Duathlon, not having done the event for several years…

Ride London 2023 – Race Recap & Gadgets/Nutrition Used for RideLondon Essex

Improved race organisation, 100 miles or race day fun.

Supersapiens: Pro gets DQ – Why?

triathletes can continue using Supersapiens in competition and cyclists can use it in training