new parkrun world record set at Poole, UK – this time by a nine-year-old boy

The previous 5K parkrun record record has stood since being set in October 2017 in California.

NFL Players Who Love Running Marathons

The marathon is one of the ultimate tests of endurance for any athlete,

Kelvin Kiptum Marathon World Record – Chicago with Nike + Garmin

What Running Shoes Did Kelvin Kiptum wear for his Chicago Marathon World Record?

Tigist Assefa wears adidas Pro EVO supershoes in Marathon record plus an old Garmin

widely reported that the shoes she was wearing were the adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 shoes

Very Illegal: adidas Adizero Prime X 2.0 running Shoes – here’s why

Very Illegal, very naughty: Adizero Prime X 2.0 running Shoes

Gudaf Tsegay leaves Garmin in hotel : fails to break 14:00.00 for the 5000m

Ethiopia, Uganda...come on guys get your act together. Sort the tech. It's not difficult.

I wore adidas Adizero Prime X 2.0 running Shoes for parkrun, here’s what happened

They certainly didn't make me slower.

adidas Adizero Pro Evo 1 – you can’t afford them

Neither can I

11,000 DQs – Mexico City Marathon aka Mexico Cheats’ Marathon

truly remarkable story from last week where 11,000 runners in the Mexico City Marathon were disqualified…

UTMB 2023 – The male pros used these watches. The winner? Wahoo Rival…lol

The one thing these watches all have in common is that they're round! Scratch that. The…

don’t ❌ upgrade, Coros Pace 3 Review – a good GPS watch but so is the older one

Coros Pace 3 review: it's good but so is the older one

new Coros Features with Turn By Turn

Chinese sports watch company Coros announces nice changes to its already good feature set.