Karoo 3 – preceded by design failure?

a new one is therefore due around about now

*35% off * Hammerhead Karoo 2 – Biggest Ever Discount – Summer Sale

This is the biggest ever discount on the prettiest-ever performance bikenav.

Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Tyre Review

Pirelli P ZERO Race TT Clincher Review - Obviously an excellent race tyre

Ride London 2023 – Race Recap & Gadgets/Nutrition Used for RideLondon Essex

Improved race organisation, 100 miles or race day fun.

Coefficient Cycling RR Bars Review

I like everything about these bars. Looks. Comfort. Aeroness. Position. Compatibility.

former COROS Distributor files for bankruptcy

Coinciding with Alison Bowie's resignation from the company, Coros ended its association with 2Pure in March…

Giant Group’s $20 Million Investment Plan in Stages Cycling Falls Through Due to Failed Negotiations

Issues with supply chain components aside, power meter sales are generally 'not great' at the moment.

Garmin Edge 1040+ PLUS (AMOLED) – Speculation

It will be an Edge 1040 Plus.

Wahoo Summit Freeride/Live – Some Rides & An Opinion

These features are taking a relatively simple cycling need and adding a generally intrusive and overblown…

new Garmin Varia RTL615 // eRTL615

Removing the battery seems to have increased the cost of a Garmin Varia to $299 !

FTP – Over 100 ways for cyclists to improve FTP in less than a week. 100 ?…yep!

Looking to boost your cycling performance? Check out our comprehensive list of 100 FTP tips, covering…

Stages Power LR Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 Dual Sided Power Meter Review

Stages Power LR Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 Dual Sided Power Meter Review: The proven power meter on…