Garmin Skin Temperature in Garmin Connect//Sleep Tracking

Adds skin temperature data to sleep tracking in the Garmin Connect app.

Magene L308 Review 🚴🏻‍♂️🔦💡

Magene L308 Review: bright and fun with a half-decent battery life

FORM Goggles – Now Race Legal – What Next With The Product?

The product has a couple of drawbacks despite being the clear leader in its field.

Wiggle Enter Bankruptcy // Appoints Admiistrator – so what?

Wiggle has now appointed FRP Advisory as administrators.

Apple Watch: Sync Workouts from Final Surge, Training Peaks….

This is a strategically important feature for Apple to get righ, for the Apple Watch Ultra…

NAVIGR8 Varia Support – A quick shout out for an Apple Watch Cycling app that works well with Garmin Varia

a feature-rich cycling app for both iPhone and Apple Watch. This article is specifically about support…

Supershoes: PEBA vs EVA after 300 miles, which deteriorates?

PEBAX is better when new and that it degrades over time to perform similarly to EVA

Wiggle Faces Insolvency: A Closer Look at the Recent Developments

we are forced to go to court and file for insolvency, in particular an application for…

how to get Garmin ECG on your watch from outside of the USA

How to get Garmin ECG to work in your country

Garmin Epix 2 / Fenix 7 – GPS Accuracy Alert ⚠️ is the new ‘Multi-Band Mode’ Super Accurate on Sapphire models?

Q: Do you think the Epix 2 in All-System, Multi-Band mode is the best ever? A:…

Apple Watch 7 – Accuracy Results

For Apple to get the straightness of lines it does in a variety of conditions they…

Garmin Anti-Predictions – What WON’T happen in 2022

There are MANY SENSIBLE products Garmin could release in 2022 in the health, sport and fitness…