Ironman Ireland – Further Damming Revalations

Which other Ironman race, ever, anywhere in the world went ahead without a permit where an…

Police Investigate Ironman Ireland Deaths

Anyone present is encouraged to reach out to the authorities at...

Ironman Group Threatens Legal Action vs Triathlon Ireland

This is turning into a somewhat unedifying mess for the Ironman Group

Ironman Ireland 70.3 – BIG Jump in DNS and DNF-Swim

Ironman Ireland 70.3 finishing rate dropped from 91% in 2022 to 80% in 2023.

Triathlon Ireland Confirm Insurance WAS Valid for Ironman Ireland

Race Insurance WAS Valid for Ironman Ireland

Triathlon Ireland fully funds counselling service following deaths

available to TI members who participated in last Sunday’s race and their family members

Ironman Ireland Deaths: Ironman Waiver Excludes Liability for death from negligence

It seems that Ironman hasn't got a leg to stand on if they try to exclude…

Ironman Blames Triathlon Ireland & Cork Council Blames Ironman

Ironman Group was not told about the removal of sanctioning until after the race started.

Ironman Group in DEEP trouble as Triathlon Ireland denies sanctioning Ironman Ireland event where 2 died

it seems to be that Ironman is in deep trouble on multiple fronts and it's not…

Target HIM Running Power with STRYD, IM too

I’ve completed a few HIMs over the last 3 years and one Ironman. I’ve used the…

Hever Castle Gauntlet 2017 – Half Iron Distance & Glorious Sunshine

I’ve done Hever’s GAUNTLET Half-Iron distance triathlon a few times now. I seem to be losing the…

Season Finale and Demonstrable Effect of an Ironman (on me)

As Rotterdam’s ITU Final finishes the season for the Age Grouper triathletes, I await the tales of potential…