Five Futuristic Technologies That Will Add A New Dimension to Your Workout

Technology: Helping You Up The Stairs


It won’t be news to any of you reading this that technology now dictates most of our lives. As the world advances into the next decade and technology continues to progress at breakneck speed, it’s easy to get bogged down in articles and opinion pieces that make the future seem like a dystopian story. It’s also easy for us to forget that technology at its principle is here to make our lives easier, and as visitors to this website already know, there is a lot of tech out there that makes training and working out a greater and more rewarding experience. Here then, are five futuristic technologies to take your training and workouts to a new dimension.

Ok, everybody knows that wearable tech is not new, in fact, most of you will have some kind of tracking device that counts steps and monitors your heart rate whilst you train. After all, Fitbit launched its first device way back in September 2009. Yet, it is an industry that continues to grow at a crazy rate, with Statista estimating that the number of wearable devices worldwide is to double from 2019 to 2022. But it won’t just be fitness trackers worn around the wrist that will help contribute to that, with companies looking to break the mould and deliver smart tech that is designed to sit within clothing by brands such as Athos. That means that soon, your favourite training top would not just be great at absorbing sweat, but would also be embedded with biometric sensors to measure how your body is performing during a workout.

Drone Alone

When you’re training outdoors it’s nice to have a buddy along for the adventure. There’s nothing like having someone there to watch your back and highlight any ways you could advance your technique. Well, soon, when you find yourselves without a training partner, you needn’t worry. New drone technology, like the Altair Outlaw SE, are programmed to follow you as you run, meaning you can video your training and play it back later to showcase any mistakes that are slowing you down. It might be the final thing needed to get you that personal best time.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall 

In our increasingly technological world, there are many jobs that will be taken over by machines. One job, however, that statisticians generally agree is safe, is that of a personal trainer, which has an estimated 92.5% chance of resisting mechanisation, because a personal touch is something that a robot just could not yet deliver. The trouble with needing a personal trainer is having to get to the same place they are, which is fine most of the time, but what happens when life gets in the way and you’re not able to get away from the house? Well, one brand that is revolutionising the personal training world by bringing the experience into your home is Mirror. The device is, as the brand name suggests, part mirror and part LCD screen and is designed to fit on your wall at home. It allows you to have an intense workout with a professional through using a speaker to hear the trainer’s instructions, a video camera that allows you to see them and them to see you, and lastly, a built-in microphone so that they can hear your grunts as you go. Perfect for when it’s brewing a storm outside and you don’t have time to travel anywhere or are stuck in the house.

Training in a Virtual World

Taking You To Another World

For a lot of you, training in the great outdoors will be the greatest experience imaginable. The sights, the smells and the sounds that bombard your senses as you run or cycle will keep you pushing for that faster time. However, not everyone is the same and sometimes people get bored by having to train in the same place. After all, not everyone is blessed with living near beautiful or welcoming surroundings. Technology now, though, has the cure for those ills. With the advancement of what is being called immersive fitness, people are now able to use Virtual Reality in co-ordination with exercise machines to allow them to train wherever they please. NordicTrack is releasing a VR model that will soon have you pedalling in the Tour De France from your own garage.

You Are What You Eat 

Counting calories is never fun and can be a time consuming and boring process. Yet we know that it can be a necessary evil, having to eat the correct things to stay at the weight needed to be able to run or cycle great distances. Putting all this information into apps can be a slog, especially when eating out at restaurants. Well, it’s Under Armour to the rescue then, as the company have patented an app that will allow you to access already stored data of restaurants’ menu items to accurately record exactly what you order. No need to feel guilty in the future when going out to your favourite restaurant then.

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