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Metrics for laps are wrong in swimming and running - exophunk - 01-30-2019

Hi everyone,

I saw others already discussed issues with automatic laps while swimming etc., I feel the lap functionality with manual laps on my Vantage is broken in every way.

I have 22 activities since december and I use the Lap button (Red button) fairly often to try to measure interval laps. I do this for running and swimming very often. I didn't count laps for cycling.

- Of 22 activities, I can't remember a single activity where laps shown in Polar Flow, Strava or Training Peaks are correct. Or even remotely close to correct.

Either there are no laps at all or a random amount of distances that I can't correlate with the times I pressed the lap button. Every activity is completely off.

In the activity below, I did several 100m splits, 4x250m splits and a 1000m time trial. I can't see any of this below.

(Besides that, Every single swim metric is wrong. Distance is wrong, swim style is wrong, average pace is completely wrong, number of strokes is wrong. I start to doubt if the watch actually is able to record "time" correctly. But this issues were mentioned in another thread already.)

While the laps seem to actually exist (below, the high intensity splits do correctly start when I pressed the lap button), all the results were wrong. 8/9 laps show 0.0km distance, while the final lap shows some random 1.24km distance. The same nonsense gets exported to Strava and TP.

As the issues actually happens every single time – even 3 months and firmware updates after release – I wonder if my watch maybe has a hardware issue?

What are your experiences with laps?