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Display legibility in different Spartan models?
I'd be grateful for some purchasing advice while I search for the right Spartan model to buy. It was going to be the Spartan Trainer, but I had to return my unit because it proved to be virtually unreadable out of doors if the sun was above the horizon and not obscured by clouds -- between the dimness of the display and the massive reflections off the surface of the glass, it took several seconds of squinting at the watch to make out anything at all while running.

I asked Suunto on Twitter whether the Sport WHR Baro has a brighter display than the Trainer and got this reply:

Quote:[...] the Suunto Spartan Sport WHR Baro is an multisport watch which is made for outdoors . It has a bigger display with a higher resolution and the possibility to adjust the brightness of the back light.

Which rings a bit odd because it would imply that the Trainer is not "made for outdoors" -- except for the part where it's marketed as a triathlon watch and the last time I checked, triathlon wasn't an indoor sport!  Smile Would anyone here have any insights about whether the Sport WHR Baro's display really is brighter than the Trainer's? And/or whether applying some sort of anti-reflective screen protector film would improve readability in sunny conditions?
S9: with backlight at 100% its def readable s is the TRAINER but IIRC the trainer has no always-on setting for 100% backlight
(11-07-2018, 09:51 AM)the5krunner Wrote: S9: with backlight at 100% its def readable s is the TRAINER but IIRC the trainer has no always-on setting for 100% backlight

It actually does -- at least with whatever firmware it was using in September when I tried it -- but the backlight is so dim that when the sun's in the sky it's impossible to tell whether or not it's on. One of my runs with the Trainer started before sunset and ended after, and until the sun went down I thought I'd failed to activate the backlight.

Any thoughts on anti-reflective foil? One of the issues I had with readability was that the reflections off the surface of the glass were strong enough to wash out the font. I'm wondering whether foil would fix that without interfering with the touchscreen.
Just in case it's of interest to anyone else, let me answer my own question. I scored a Spartan Sport WHR (non-Baro) on Black Friday at a ridiculously good price and have been using this watch ever since. Having now been able to observe the display in all outdoor lighting conditions from heavy cloud to full sun, I can report that I have zero issues with display legibility. Even for my slightly ageing eyes, it's fine to read even in full sunlight.

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