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Garmin Forerunner 245 - where it fits
A Forerunner 245 is long overdue.

Early in 2018 we saw the 235Lite version released in selected Far Eastern markets, so this is clearly a segment that Garmin are actively looking at.

A Forerunner 245 is most likely to be a cut-down Forerunner 645. The 645 has a Music vesion and is not dissimilar to the Vivoactive 3

There are so many features that Garmin could enable/disable to differentiate it from the 645/Music...but which ones?  

We've seen the Instinct released that lacks CIQ totally so that it is more easily differentiated from the Garmin Fenix. Perhaps a Forerunner 245 could exclude CIQ and perhaps the 245 Music could be all-singing and all-dancing and containing CIQ and selected high-end features like Garmin PAY?

Perhaps the 245 is being saved until the ANT+ working group for running power come to their conclusions. Maybe it will be Garmin's first running with power watch (I don't think so, but possible)

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