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M430 Ultra battery life

Having held off buying a Vantage until (if?) they sort it out, I'm now looking at doing an upcoming ultra with my M430. Has anyone got any experience with using the 'power save, long session' setting on running modes? If I could get 35 hours I should be able to complete my race on one charge. (Having checked Polar specs they quote a max of 30 hours I think but I was hoping they were being cautious!)

Alternatively I just need to move faster! Any advice welcome.

Or maybe a Coros Apex is in my future (?)... but having years of data in Flow I'm loath to go anywhere else unless I absolutely have to...
to answer: no.
perhaps try: leaving recording on a windowledge...see ho wlong it goes for
def turn off oHR
but i always though that a HRM strap would be better than oHR but maybe not as BLE consume quite a bit of juice from conversations i had with some developers.

yep. coros sounds good in its price bracket

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